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Call, Email or Visit Norwood Sawmills Australia

Call at 1300 406 984 from anywhere in Australia, Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.


E-mail at [email protected]


Norwood Sawmills Australia

(Geoff’s Tools Pty. Ltd., Australian
agents for Norwood Industries Inc.)
6 Dignity Close
Gosford 2250

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The color orange as it relates to sawmills, edgers, skidders & related equipment is a registered trademark owned by Norwood Industries Inc. (“Norwood”) in multiple jurisdictions. The trade-names Norwood®, LumberPro®, LumberMate®, LumberMan®, LumberLite®, PortaMill®, SkidMate®, BladeMate®, Sabretooth® & MultiMate® are registered trademarks owned by Norwood in multiple jurisdictions.
Functional & design elements of Norwood sawmills and log handling equipment are protected by registered patents & pending patents in multiple jurisdictions.