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Log Skidding

Logging is a way of life.  A calling passed through generations. One that gets in your blood and takes everything you've got.

That's why we're dedicated to provding log harvesting and skidding equipment specifically for the work you do. It's our way of making one of the toughest jobs in the world just a little bit easier.

In the forest, things rarely come easy. That's why Norwood offers the industry's widest selection of private logging equipment. No matter the size of your tractor or ATV, we have easy-to-use skidders that will help you work harder ... and smarter, leaving you more time to process your logs into lumber.






pick the right log skidding tool for the job!

SkidMate MK2™ Log Skidding Arch...

Pull logs out of your wood-lot and right to your milling site, by yourself, with your ATV.

Log-Hog™ Log Skidding for Tractors

Skid single or multiple logs easily out of your woodlot with your tractor on the LogHog**.

TimberTool™ Tree-Felling Jack

Fell trees faster, safer and more accurately with the Norwood TimberTool tree-felling jack.

14 & 20 Series Grapples For...

The scissor-action jaws of Norwood’s Grapples 14 and 20 bite hard and hold fast.

Choker Chain & Probe For...

Choke single and multiple logs quickly and professionally using Norwood’s 7-foot (2.1 m) choker chain with steel probe.

Mini-Grapple For Log Skidding

Features the same sharp laser-cut teeth as the larger Grapple 14.


Hydraulic Log Skidding Winch for Tractors