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Low Freight Costs

Your Norwood portable sawmill can be shipped right to your front door for a lot less than you think – usually just a few hundred dollars*.  That’s because every Norwood sawmill is compactly packaged in kit-form on a single pallet – so you don’t pay to ship air!  Second, Norwood’s high shipping volumes have earned us the industry’s biggest discounts on freight rates. Third, our carriers compete for each and every shipment, so you get the absolute lowest delivery rates possible.

When you call Norwood TOLL-FREE at 1-800-567-0404 for your no-obligation portable sawmill quote, our shipping specialists will immediately launch a competition among our carriers to secure you the lowest freight price – it can be as little as a couple hundred dollars!

Want all the numbers?  Once you call, you can have your complete sawmill quote, including shipping, in as little as an hour.

Are you outside of North America?  Shipping Norwood portable sawmills to any corner of the globe is also very cost-effective for all these same reasons.  For your quote, dial 01-705-689-2800 or email us at [email protected]

* When sawmill shipped in standard kit-form within the lower 48 states and in most provinces.