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Norwood Portable Sawmill Owners

Norwood sawmill owners are, by far, the most hard-working, talented, creative and resourceful group of people around.

To recognize their achievements and passion for wood, we launched the annual Norwood Photo & Video Challenge in 2008.  Divided into different categories, the top three photos and videos in each class earn their Norwood owners valuable Norwood credit – credit that can be redeemed toward future purchases of any Norwood portable sawmill or forestry equipment direct from Norwood. 

Please take a minute to look at the entries submitted in past contests, including the winning photos. They are an inspiring tribute to the vision, skill, craftsmanship, passion and dedication of Norwood owners.

It’s a real privilege and truly humbling to know that Norwood portable sawmills and forestry equipment play a part in the magic that Norwood owners makes with wood.

ENTER the next Norwood Photo & Video Challenge – As a Norwood owner, you’re eligible to enter and to win! Send in your photos & videos and you could win up to $500 in valuable Norwood credit.  Click here to learn more.


Here's a great example of a photo submitted by one of our winners back in 2010 and the contest is still going strong.