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Norwood Portable Sawmills - Built Tough

The Pro log deck is the strongest in its class; it can handle 10,000 pounds of logs unsupported!  (Don’t try this at home though!)Strongest Log Deck in its Class

The LumberPro’s log deck is the strongest in its class.  Ph.D.’s in materials’ engineering have crunched the numbers and it’s official – the Pro’s log deck is stronger than the competition, and more than twice as stiff.

The Pro’s log deck, built of double-plated galvanized and debossed steel, is the strongest in its classThe Pro’s wide-track log deck is built of twin, double-plated, debossed-steel almost a full quarter of an inch thick.  Formed in our massive 400-ton press, the unique structural indentations boost rail strength and double the frame rigidity of your sawmill.

The Pro’s super-strong log deck not only gives you accurate, straight lumber. It also gives you peace-of-mind … Your sawmill is built to handle whatever you throw at it.

Rigid 4-Post Carriage Frame

The cutting head on both the LumberMate and the LumberPro  feature a fully supported 4-post design to ensure even, accurate, stable milling.  With solid 4-post support on both sides of the sawmill, it’s impossible to get any of the bounce or sag that you see when a heavy sawhead is suspended from only one side.  


The best protection money can buy … Norwood sawmills are protected by industrial-grade powder-coatCommercial-Grade Powder-Coat

Industrial-grade powder-coating protects your investment better, and longer, than old-fashioned spray-paint, which chips, scratches and rusts out in no time.

Sure, it costs a lot more to powder-coat steel. In fact, other companies choose to spray-paint their sawmills to save costs and make more money.

You want a sawmill that’s going to work hard, and look good for years to come.

That’s why Norwood finishes every critical component on your portable sawmill with the very best powder-coating money can buy.


Norwood LumberMate 2000 portable sawmillBuilt to Last

The fact that many Norwood customers continue to use earlier-model equipment like the LumberMate 2000, the LumberMate MK1-MK4 and the LumberLite LL24 is testament to the quality and durability of our portable sawmills.  And we do certainly continue to support those valued customers with quality parts and accessories to keep their sawmills in fine working order or to expand their capabilities for larger projects. For information on the attachments available for these sawmills, click here. For information on the attachments available for the LumberMate Pro MX34, click here. For information on the attachments available for the LumberLite ML26, click here