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Norwood Portable Sawmills - Built to Work

Every Norwood portable sawmill is quality-built right here at home in the USA and Canada – not in China, Taiwan or Poland.  Does that make a difference? – You bet … a huge difference.

Norwood portable sawmills are quality-built by highly-skilled tradesmen in cutting-edge fabrication facilities – Not in China, Taiwan or Poland like some othersOther companies might try to fool you – They say their mills are made here, but they’re really only packaged here.  They don’t tell you that the parts are made offshore by low-paid, unskilled workers.

You can count on the fact that every component of every Norwood sawmill is made of top-quality steel by highly-trained, highly-skilled operators with cutting-edge fabrication and machining technologies. The result? – Your Norwood is built to mill hundreds of thousands, even millions, of board feet, day-in and day-out. Put simply, your Norwood portable sawmill is designed - and built - for the long-haul.