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Norwood - Means Value

At Norwood, VALUE is based on five important pillars©

  • Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty & Hard-work

  • Equipment Quality vs. Prices

  • Production vs. Maintenance Cost

  • Norwood Owners Come First

  • Resale Value

1.    Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty & Hard-work –

Integrity, honesty, loyalty and hard-work are at the heart of Norwood – who we are, how we work and how we treat our customers.

Norwood works hard to engineer and manufacture reliable, efficient and accurate portable sawmills & forestry equipment, we work hard to keep a large inventory of sawmills in stock so you can get to work right away.  We treat each customer with absolute honesty to make sure that the equipment is the right fit for his individual needs. We believe in integrity, loyalty and standing behind our equipment, our customers and our staff.


2.     Equipment Quality vs. Prices –

Norwood is committed to offering reliable, high-quality, hard-working forestry equipment at fair prices.  

Norwood’s roots began when founder Peter Dale wanted to buy a portable sawmill to build a cabin in the woods, but he couldn’t afford any of the sawmills that were available.  He decided to build his own – one that he could count on to efficiently mill accurate lumber and yet was affordable.  The heart of Norwood’s mission and philosophy was born: quality and fair prices. We won’t sacrifice either.  


3.    Production vs. Maintenance Cost –

Some sawmill companies actually plan on making profits from selling replacement parts – they design their equipment with that in mind!  

Norwood’s philosophy is totally opposite – we try our hardest to design and manufacture each and every single component on every Norwood sawmill for trouble-free reliability. We don’t want parts to wear out – our goal is that every Norwood owner’s operation runs at peak efficiency.  Because there is almost nothing on our portable sawmills or forestry equipment to wear out, we get very, very few calls for parts.  But rest assured, if you ever do need anything, Norwood carries everything in stock and can get whatever you need out to you right away.


4.    Norwood Owners Come First –

We could tell you that we stand behind every Norwood portable sawmill and every Norwood owner.  But then again, lots of companies say that sort of thing.  They talk about their service and their customer support, but then you call them and … well … you know the rest.

So, we’ll leave it up to our customers – hardworking Norwood owners, to tell you about Norwood’s loyalty and service.  Listen to what our customers have to say – read their stories and visit Norwood Connect, Norwood’s Online Chatroom.  Or visit a Norwood owner – Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one near you.

We introduced our online "Norwood Connect" chatroom over a decade ago so Norwood owners from around the world could chat with one another and share ideas & experiences.  No other portable band sawmill manufacturer has enough confidence in their own equipment, their service or their customers to do the same.


5.    Resale Value –

Norwood sawmill owners love their mills.  So it’s hard to find anyone willing to sell theirs.  But, when well-maintained Norwood sawmills do come up for resale, they often sell for almost their full initial purchase price!  In other words, with virtually zero depreciation!  

Why?  First, the price of new Norwood sawmill equipment is very fair and affordable which means no initial “drive-it-off-the-lot” deprecation-hit that comes with machines sold for bloated prices.  Second, because Norwood portable sawmills and log skidders are designed to last … and last … and last, there are very few parts on used machines that wear or need replacing.  If it works just as well after ten years as it did new, it’s just as useful and just as valuable.