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To get the most out of your portable sawmill, make sure you choose your blades wisely, and look after them right.

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Goldline Premium Portable Sawmill Band Blades


Exceptional Quality – Norwood Goldline-Premium band sawmill blades are a premium-quality silicon-steel flex-back blade with induction-hardened teeth.  Stronger and more hard-wearing than average carbon-alloy blades, silicon-steel is the crucial ingredient to high-performance sawmill blades.  Silicon-steel gives cleaner, truer cuts and longer blade life which means lower operating costs. GP blades, 0.042” thick, are shipped with an overall factory-set at 90 (23 thousands each side) and a hook angle of 10 degrees. 
Premium-quality Norwood band sawmill bladesYou may find ordinary lower-cost carbon-steel blades elsewhere, but you’ll probably find you get what you pay for.  If it’s not silicon-steel, it’s not high-performance.  If you’re serious about milling, then you have to be serious about your saw blades – Professionals count on Norwood GP silicon-steel blades. 

Band Blade Width 1 ¼” or 1 ½” – Blade width is measured from the tip of the teeth to the blade back.  Industry-standard 1¼” wide blades are usually perfect to mill most any soft or hard woods. Versatile and cost-effective, they can deliver straight, smooth lumber under almost any conditions.

Some sawyers, operating the larger LumberMate and milling mostly very large hardwoods, prefer to use a wider 1½” – more saw blade material in the cut can mean a more rigid blade under those tough conditions.   

Because of the size of 1½” blades, they need a sawmill with more power plus additional blade support.*   
Band Blade Pitch 7/8” or 3/4” – Tooth pitch is the distance from one tooth to the next.  As a general rule, the closer the teeth are together, the better for hard or frozen woods, and the farther apart, the faster for softwoods.

7/8th of an inch from one tooth to the next (7/8”-pitch) is the industry-standard all-purpose tooth-spacing ideal for milling most mixed hard woods and softwoods.  
The ¾”-pitch blades, with their closer teeth configuration can, in some conditions, be better suited for milling fully frozen or some hardwoods.




1 ¼” Goldline Premium Sawmill Band Blades
Blade Length
  • LumberMate LM29
  • LumberLite ML26
  • LumberMate Mark 1 to 4
  • LumberMate 2000
  • LumberLite LL24
  • LumberPro HD36
  • LumberMate Pro MX34
1¼” x 144” x 7/8” (Box of 10 or Box of 5)
(Item No. 41200)
1¼” x 167” x 7/8” (Box of 10 or Box of 5)
(Item No. BLDS-GP11478)
1¼” x 144” x 3/4" (Box of 10)
(Item No. BLDS-11434)
1¼” x 167” x 3/4" (Box of 10)
(Item No. BLDS-GP11434)



1 ½” Goldline Premium Sawmill Band Blades
Blade Length
  • LumberMate2000*
  • LumberPro HD36
  • LumberMate Pro MX34*
1½” x 144” x 7/8” (Box of 10) (Item No. 41210)
1½” x 167” x 7/8” (Box of 10) (Item No. BLDS-GP11278)

* The LumberMate Pro MX34’s ceramic-guides come factory-ready to run both 1¼” and 1½” blades.  LumberMate 2000 mills must be equipped with the 1½” blade guide system and the V-Twin engine to run the wider blades.


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