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Choker Chain & Probe For Skidding Logs

Choke single and multiple logs quickly and professionally using Norwood’s 7-foot (2.1 m) choker chain with steel probe.

Choker Chain & Probe For Skidding Logs


Thread the probe under the log(s), pull the chain through, slide on the slip hook and lock into the grab hook on the SkidMate, SkidLite or LogHog.  Wet dirty gloves from fussing in the mud trying to coax a chain under the log are a thing of the past. 

The choker chain is the only solution to choke larger logs up to 22” (55 cm), or multiple logs, and lifts the log higher in the SkidMate arch than a grapple. The chain is rated 70-grade and has a working load limit of 4700lbs (2136 kg).

Shipped fully assembled.
(Item No. 41280)

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