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Hydraulic Log Skidding Winch for Tractors

Hydraulic Log Skidding Winch for Tractors

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The Skid-Winch goes where you want, so you can winch logs from deep in the forest right to the trail, ready for choking and hang-up-free skidding out.

1. Powered by your tractor’s rear hydraulic outputs, the large heavy-duty hydraulic winch motor generates loads of constant pulling power.

2. The heart of the Skid-Winch is the patented capstan winch. A few wraps of the high-tensile-strength rope around the constant-speed capstan give you full control over the winching operation with simple application of tension on the “tail-end” of the rope – Engage the Skid-Winch’s powerful pulling power by tensioning the rope.  Release to instantly disengage.

3. Built-in receivers securely store chainsaw, cant hook and choker chains for quick, convenient access.

4. Multi-function stabilizer legs dig firmly into the ground during winching operations. Reconfigured, they transform into forks that lift and move logs and boards. 

5. Standard-equipped hitch receiver for convenient towing operations while the Skid-Winch is attached to the tractor.

* Load varies depending on terrain and tractor size and type. Operation on hilly terrain or in wet conditions not recommended. Front-mounted counterweights recommended. Good judgment and experience required. Choker chains, trailer hitch, log hook, cant hook, trailer hitch and chainsaw sold separately. 

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Hydraulic Log Skidding Winch for Tractors