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SkidMate MK2™ Log Skidding Arch for Your ATV

Pull logs out of your wood-lot and right to your milling site, by yourself, with your ATV.

SkidMate MK2™ Log Skidding Arch for Your ATV


The SkidMate MK2™ is:

  • Nimble and narrow enough to reach deep into the forest,
  • Rugged enough to handle uneven terrain, and
  • Light enough to help keep your woodlot floor healthy and productive.

The self-loading design means that, as you gun the ATV, the choked end of the log, connected to the smooth-action roller, slides up the bar and is hoisted high into the arch. This keeps your logs off the ground, mud-free and easier to skid. To unload, simply reverse the ATV. The position and angle of the wheels help ensure that the SkidMate MK2™ can ride up and over small rocks and logs.

Beware of Chinese-made imitations of Norwood’s original log arch design.  Norwood’s SkidMate MK2™ is made of North-American steel, protected by commercial-grade powder coating and manufactured here to meet Norwood’s high standards.

The SkidMate MK2™ can handle logs up 18” (45cm) wide by 12-feet (3.6m) long and 760 lbs (350kg). Maximum load of 350 lbs. (160kg) at the arch*. Shipped in kit form to keep your delivery costs to a minimum. (Choker chain and grapples sold separately.) (Item No. 41250-MK2)

* Actual load varies depending upon terrain and ATV size and type. Operation on hilly terrain not recommended.  Good judgment and experience required.

Technical Data
  • 48” (120cm)
  • 31” (77.5cm)
Distance Between Axles: 
  • 34" (85cm)
Total Length: 
  • 7’4” (2.2m)
Total Weight: 
  • 92 pounds (42kg)
Arch Construction: 
  • 2 ½” (6.25cm) round, 2” (5cm) square powder-coated tubular steel
Coupler Size: 
  • 2” (5cm)
  • 16 x 5-6 turf tire
Maximum Log Length: 
  • 12’ (3.6m)
Maximum Log Weight: 
  • 760lbs (350 kg)
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