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Pull logs out of your wood-lot and right to your milling site, by yourself, with your ATV.

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SkidMate MK2™ Log Skidding Arch for Your ATV


The SkidMate MK2™ is:

  • Nimble and narrow enough to reach deep into the forest,
  • Rugged enough to handle uneven terrain, and
  • Light enough to help keep your woodlot floor healthy and productive.

The self-loading design means that, as you gun the ATV, the choked end of the log, connected to the smooth-action roller, slides up the bar and is hoisted high into the arch. This keeps your logs off the ground, mud-free and easier to skid. To unload, simply reverse the ATV. The position and angle of the wheels help ensure that the SkidMate MK2™ can ride up and over small rocks and logs.

Beware of Chinese-made imitations of Norwood’s original log arch design.  Norwood’s SkidMate MK2™ is made of North-American steel, protected by commercial-grade powder coating and manufactured here to meet Norwood’s high standards.

The SkidMate MK2™ can handle logs up 18” (45cm) wide by 12-feet (3.6m) long and 760 lbs (350kg). Maximum load of 350 lbs. (160kg) at the arch*. Shipped in kit form to keep your delivery costs to a minimum. (Choker chain and grapples sold separately.) (Item No. 41250-MK2)

* Actual load varies depending upon terrain and ATV size and type. Operation on hilly terrain not recommended.  Good judgment and experience required.


Technical Data
48” (120cm)
31” (77.5cm)
Distance Between Axles: 
34" (85cm)
Total Length: 
7’4” (2.2m)
Total Weight: 
92 pounds (42kg)
Arch Construction: 
2 ½” (6.25cm) round, 2” (5cm) square powder-coated tubular steel
Coupler Size: 
2” (5cm)
16 x 5-6 turf tire
Maximum Log Length: 
12’ (3.6m)
Maximum Log Weight: 
760lbs (350 kg)
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Pull logs out of your wood-lot and right to your milling site, by yourself, with your ATV.

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