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Up to 2200 Board Feet Per Day*

Mill hardwood and softwood logs up to 26” (65cm) in diameter, cut boards up to 19” (49cm) wide and of unlimited length.

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LumberMan MN26 Portable Sawmill


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LumberMan MN26 Manual Portable Sawmill

The zero-compromise sawmill … Powerful, Reliable & Affordable –
Built for Hobbyists who take Pride in their Work 

Buying a full-size sawmill? Here are some hard facts to think about: The LumberMan MN26 can handle logs up to an impressive 26” in diameter (65cm) and mill boards up to 19” wide (49cm). 

The backbone of any sawmill is its sawhead. The MN26 boasts the same patented laminated sawhead that’s the foundation of all Norwood bandmills – the proven durable design that can withstand the everyday rigors of heavy milling.

It's not enough for the LumberMan to be able to just handle logs bigger across than oil barrels. You’ve got to maximize cuts per hour. Which is why the LumberMan MN26 is engineered to mill with faster cycle-times using patented Norwood sawmill technology like auto-locking sawhead and available optional auto-lube.
That’s what it means to be a Norwood – Tough on the outside. Smart on the inside.

Affordability Without Compromise:

With the MN26, you start with a sawmill that gets the job done quickly, capably and efficiently. And, just because the price doesn’t break the bank, doesn’t mean you compromise.  The LumberMan MN26 gives you:

  • The capacity you need.

  • The versatility you want.

No two jobs are the same. That’s why Norwood offers so many options to help get all those jobs done, from available towing package to the available log loading and rolling system that saves you time and sweat. 

How can you put your stamp on your LumberMan MN26? Count the ways.  Norwood engineered the MN26 to accept every capacity-boosting attachment built for the LumberMate LM29.  Check them out in the Manual Options!

U.S. Patent Nos. 7,784,387, 11/005,186, 12/949,877 & D638040; Canada Patent Nos. 2,488,216, 133049, 2,687,619 & 2,687,622; EU Patent No. 001214662-0001; Brazil Patent No. DI 7001876-6; Other patents pending in multiple jurisdictions. * Actual production figures vary depending upon many variables.




Blade-Lube System – Standard-equipped blade lubrication helps keep blades pitch-free. Available optional auto-lube system automatically turns water on and off each cut.

Heavy-Duty Clutch – Heavy-duty centrifugal clutch safely engages the blade when you depress the push-handle-mounted throttle lever.

Log-Clamps – Dual vertical-adjust, 3-function log rests optimize clamping of saw-logs, cants and boards. Also included is a screw-crank log-dog as standard equipment.

Solid Frame – Rigid 4-post carriage delivers superior stability and performance over torsionally weaker 2-post or cantilevered systems.

Blade-Guides – Dual fixed precision-machined and hardened blade guides support cuts as wide as 19” (49cm).

Leveling-Feet – For perfect log-deck alignment, the LumberMan has available optional ten micro-adjust leveling feet.


  • Boost your mill’s capacity.

  • Expand your mill’s functionality.

  • Grow your mill’s productivity.

The LumberMan MN26 portable sawmill can churn out up to a whopping 2200 board feet of lumber a day … in its basic configuration**.

Add capacity-boosting and productivity-boosting attachments to expand what you can do with your MN26 … and how fast you can do it.

Grow your MN26 when you want … how you want.  Add any of the optional portable sawmill attachments at any time – now, or down the road.



Log Moulder LX26 – Precisely shape and plane beams & oversized boards with maximum efficiency, right on your sawmill, with a Log Molder LX26. If you’re ready to take your sawing operation to the next level, the Log Moulder LX26 is an incredibly powerful addition to your milling. (Item No. LX26-0013G)



Trailer, Sub-Frame & Support Jack System for the LumberMan MN26, LumberMate LM29 and LumberLite ML26 Portable Sawmills
Trailer/Support Leg Package  – Tow your LumberMan MN26 on highways behind a pickup* and through the woodlot right to your milling site behind an ATV or pickup.  When you get there, quickly and solidly level the log deck with the adjustable support outriggers. Package includes a sub-frame that rigidly and solidly supports both the log deck and trailer system components. It also includes a solid 1400 pound-rated single axle, 12” wheels, highway running-lights and wiring harness, safety chains, 2” (50mm) coupler and 8 support legs.  Note: Maximum of one 4-foot bed extension recommended on trailer-equipped model. (Item No. ML26-41150)

Tip: Add an additional sub-frame section and pair of support legs. (Item No. ML26-41150-B) to support additional 4-foot bed extension.



Leveling stands for stationary milling operations.
Leveling Stands – For stationary milling operations, support your LM29 or MN26 with a set of leveling stands custom-designed specifically to support your log deck. Ten units per set. (Item No. LM29-41170).  Add a pair of leveling stands to support each 4-foot (1.2m) bed extension. Two units (one pair) per set. (Item No. LM29-41170-14)



4-Foot Bed Extension Standard, the LumberMan MN26 mills up to 12’ 8” (3.8m) long.  To mill logs nearly 17-feet (5.0m), add a 4-ft (1.2m) extension.  Or, add as many extensions as you need to mill logs of any length. Each 4-foot extension bolts permanently to the end of the log deck. Note: Maximum of one 4-foot extension recommended on trailer-equipped model. (Item No. ML26-41130)  Additional log rest/dog clamping assemblies sold separately.



Log Loading, Rolling & Ramp System for the LumberMate LM29, LumberMan MN26 and LumberLite ML26 portable band sawmills.
Log Loading/Rolling & Ramp Package – Load and roll logs onto your MN26 easier and more securely.  Pass the winch cable over and around the log, connect it to the log deck frame and operate the winch – the log rolls up the ramps onto the bed.  It also makes rolling (rotating) the log on the bed a snap, and holds the log firmly for dogging. Enables one person to operate the sawmill alone easily. Package includes two loading ramps, a 2-speed 1800 lb. winch, mast/boom & receiver and log-rolling hook.
(Item No. ML26-41400)



Lap Siding & Shingle-Making System fits virtually any portable bandmill.
Lap Siding & Shingle Making Package – Make shiplap siding and cedar shingles quickly and easily. With this unique sawmill jig, cut lap-siding up to 9” (22.5cm) wide, with taper widths down to a feather-edge.  Reconfigure the jigs and make cedar-shake shingles 9” (22.5cm) wide and up to 16” (40cm) long – Each pass makes two shingles.  Two jigs per set. 

Tip: To double shingle production, add an extra set. (Item No. 41270-MK2)



Toe Boards for the LumberMate LM29, LumberMan MN26 and LumberLite ML26 band sawmills.
Toe Boards – Trees are wider at the butt making it hard to mill true lumber parallel to the heart of the log. Shimming is time-consuming hard work. Compensate for taper to mill true, high-value lumber fast and easy.  Choose the perfect height for each log thanks to the manual hydraulic bottle jack. Steel rollers make repositioning the log lengthwise along the bed easy. Two toe board units per set.
Note: Image of toe boards mounted on LM Pro shown. (Item No. ML26-41285B)



Board Offloader System speeds up offloading boards on Norwood HD36, LM29, MN26, MX34 & ML26 portable sawmills.
Board Offloaders – Offload lumber fast and easy with a set of board offloaders.  Push the fresh-sawn board or slab onto the bunk-mounted rollers and shoot it down to the end of the bed for fast, efficient unloading and stacking.  Quickly retractable so there’s zero interference when milling oversized logs and cants. Four roller assemblies per set. (Item No. 41287)



Clamp cants and boards on the LumberMate LM29, LumberMan MN26 and LumberLite ML26 bandmills quickly with the cam dog.
Cam Dog – Ideal for instant clamping of squared cants and boards with a quick push of the handle. Use the standard log dog to clamp your log in the round and the cam dog to clamp squared beams and lumber. The pick’s blunt-nose design reduces marring of your valuable lumber. Clamp as low as ¾” above bunk height.
(Item No. ML26-CD01)



Speeds up dogging and rolling small to mid-sized logs on any of the Norwood HD36, LM29, MN26, MX34 & ML26 portable sawmills.  Photo shows system installed on Pro sawmill.
Rapid-Dogging and Rolling System – If you mill mainly small to mid-sized sawlogs 6” - 16” (15 - 40cm) in diameter, this patented dogging and rolling system is engineered to save you time and hassle. You’ll find your sawlog is easy to turn – even by hand!  Dogging is lightning fast thanks to the one-handed, single-action log dog clamps designed specifically to handle mid-size dimension logs. Two units per set.
Note: Image of rapid-dogging/rolling units mounted on LM Pro shown.
(Item No. 41295)



Patented Norwood Dura-Guide band sawmill ceramic blade guides.
Dura-Guide™ Ceramic Blade Guides – Originally designed for the Norwood Pro, LumberMate LM29, LumberMan MN26 owners can now also benefit from the improved performance delivered by Norwood’s patented ceramic guides. The Dura-Guides deliver full 3-sided support to maximize stability in the cut.  The ceramics are more durable than rollers & bearings, they run cooler and virtually silent, and are less affected by sawdust build-up and freezing.  And, because they eliminate blade deflection and down-pressure, they help extend blade life. Kit includes a pair of precision-machined patented ceramic blade guide blocks and shafts, a complete set of ceramic inserts, a template and all hardware.



Patented auto-lube system for band sawmills.
Auto-Lube Kit – Automate the blade lubrication system on your MN26. Water automatically flows when you activate the throttle, and stops when you release.  Saves two operator functions for each board you cut. (Item No. MILL-WLKIT)



It’s easy to pick the Norwood portable sawmill that’s right for you!

It’s almost as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow you’ll be looking for more milling capacity and more functions, later on down the road. You need a sawmill that can grow with you.  Norwood believes in making a few portable bandsaw mills really well and then putting you in charge of where your mill goes from there.

Cutting Capacities
Log Diameter: 
26” (65cm)
Board Width: 
19” (49cm)
Log Length: 
12’9” (3.8m) (or longer with extensions)
Power Selections
Engine Type: 
13hp (420cc) OHV Briggs
Bed Length: 
16’ (4.8 m)
5’11” (1.8 m)
Blade Length: 
19” x 5/8” (47.5 x 1.5 cm)
Centrifugal clutch
Set Display: 
2”, 1”, ¾”, 9/8”, 6/4” standard scale
Features & Attachments
Laminated Sawhead: 
Auto-Sawhead Lock: 
Auto Blade-Lube System: 
Manual Blade Lube System: 
Dura-Guide © Ceramic Blade Guides: 
Roller Blade Guides w/Twin-Sealed Bearings: 
Comfort-Height © Adjustable Operator Station: 
Leveling Feet: 
Manual Functions & Attachments
Cam Dogs: 
Bed Extensions - 4' (1.2m) Permanent: 
Trailer & Support Jack Package: 
Leveling Stands: 
Log Loader/Roller & Ramps System: 
Toe Boards: 
Single/Lap Siding Jigs: 
Rapid-Dogging & Roller System: 
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