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PortaMill PM14 Chainsaw Sawmill

Convert your logs into valuable lumber with your chainsaw*, a ladder and the Norwood PortaMill chainsaw sawmill.

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PortaMill PM14 Chainsaw Sawmill


PortaMill chainsaw sawmillConvert your logs into valuable lumber with your chainsaw*, a ladder and the Norwood PortaMill.  It’s the perfect sawmill if –

  • Your sawmilling needs are occasional.
  • You need to mill in very remote locations.
  • You need to move your sawmill by ATV, small car, boat or airplane.
  • You have limited storage space.

With the PortaMill, use your chainsaw* as the sawhead and your household extension ladder as the track.

  • Mill hardwood and softwood logs up to 14” (35cm) in diameter.*
  • Cut square beams and dimensional lumber up to 8” wide … 2 x 4’s, 4 x 4’s, 2 x 6’s, 6 x 6’s …

Here’s how

1. Clamp your log in place: Use the log rests and adjustable log dogs.

2. Choose your cutting depth: Turn the crank handle to smoothly raise and lower the chainsaw.

3. Make your cut: Engage the handle-mounted throttle and advance the saw along the track.

You probably already have a chainsaw and ladder in your garage right now. What projects could you do if you had your own sawmill?

U.S. Patent App. No.: 11/398,221
Canada Patent App. No: 2,541,734

Chainsaw and ladder not included.
* For small to mid-sized logs (below 10 inches (25cm) in diameter), chainsaws of 50cc or greater, equipped with ripping chain, are usually sufficient.

* For mid-sized to larger logs (10 - 14 inches (25cm - 35cm) in diameter), chainsaws of 65cc or greater, equipped with ripping chain, are recommended.

Photos show PortaMill equipped with optional auxiliary chain and bar oiler kit.





Super Portable – The PortaMill is entirely quick-connect/quick-disconnect and takes just minutes to set up.  Components are easy to carry, easy to transport and easy to store.

Real Sawmill Function – The PortaMill works just like a real portable sawmill. The log stays stationary, while the sawhead passes along its length, slicing boards at the height that you choose.  Unlike other chainsaw sawmills, there is no time-consuming and fussy rigging or clamping of any brackets to each log.

Smooth Sawhead Action – Smooth operation of the sawhead crank handle precisely adjusts the sawhead height – Clockwise to raise the sawhead, counter-clockwise to lower the sawhead.  Once you’ve set the sawhead height, the locking handle securely locks it in place.

Log Clamping – The PortaMill comes standard with two log rest/log dog assemblies for fast dogging and positive locking.  Also feature back dogs for easy clamping of beams, cants and boards.

Patented Throttle Actuator – The actuator connects the chainsaw’s throttle to a convenient handle-mounted throttle control – permits easy activation of the chainsaw throttle at the push handle.  Patented mechanism fits all chainsaws.

Operator Comfort – Adjustable push handle for operator comfort.  Patented linkage connects the chainsaw’s throttle to a convenient handle-mounted throttle control – squeeze to saw – release for idle.

Professional “Quarter-Scale” – Precisely mill 2” or 1” lumber thanks to the same kind of professional depth-of-cut scale you’d find on band sawmills.  The 5/16th kerf is already calculated in. 

Sawbar and Chain Guard – Helps guard sawbars up to 20” long.

Track Sweepers – Built-in track sweepers next to each carriage wheel remove sawdust and debris from the track for smooth rolling action.

Endstops – Safety feature helps prevent run-off of saw carriage.

Adjustable Outrigger Arm – The PortaMill carriage platform adjusts to fit virtually any extension ladder width.  The adjustable outrigger arm is equipped with two track sweepers and a quick connect/quick-disconnect wheel keeper.

Ladder Anchors – Ladder anchors connect the log dog/log rest assembly platforms to the ladder for solid track set-up. Quick connect/quick-disconnect knobs for easy, no tools set-up.

Step-by-Step Manual – To ensure that you receive the best possible value, Norwood ships the PortaMill in knock-down form with step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations, exploded views and photos.




Adds extra chainsaw oil when sawing lumber.
Auxiliary Chain & Bar Oiler – Chainsaws only deliver oil to the top of the bar where it is easily thrown off at the nose, especially when mounted sideways for milling.  The auxiliary PortaMill Oiler Kit delivers oil to the sprocket of the chainsaw bar to reduce friction and chain heat. Kit includes bottle, bottle basket, oil line with valve and copper nozzle.  
(Item No. PM02)




Additional support for milling longer lumber.
Additional Log Clamping/Bunk Units – The PortaMill comes equipped standard with two log rest/log dog assemblies for fast dogging and positive locking.  For longer milling on extended ladders and for extra log support, additional log clamping/bunk kits are available.  Kit includes one log rest/log dog assembly. (Item No. PM14-BUNKKIT)



It’s easy to pick the Norwood portable sawmill that’s right for you! 

It’s almost as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow that you’ll be looking for more milling capacity and more functions, later on down the road. You need a sawmill that can grow with you.  Norwood believes in making a few sawmills really well and then putting you in charge of where your mill goes from there.

Cutting Capacities
Log Diameter: 
  • 14 inches (35 cm)
Board Width: 
  • 8 inches (20 cm)
Log Length: 
  • Dependant on ladder length
Power Selections
Engine Type: 
  • Customer supplied chainsaw
  • (Minimumm >50cc for small-mid-sized logs)
  • (Minimumm >65cc for mid-large-sized logs)
Bed Length: 
  • Dependant on ladder length
Blade Length: 
  • Customer-supplied ripping chain
Set Display: 
  • 2" , 1" and user scale
Manual Functions & Attachments
Bar Oiler Kit: 
  • Optional
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