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Norwood Standard Sawmill Blade Sharpener

Portable Sawmill Blade Maintenance - Regular Use

Milling quality lumber depends on blade condition, Norwood's Standard Sharpener is designed to deliver.

Norwood Standard Sawmill Blade Sharpener Portable Sawmill Blade Maintenance - Regular Use


The parts of raker band sawmill blades.]Quality lumber and saw blade life depend on a sharp blade.  The full blade profile should be sharpened at least every couple of hours.

Most saw blade sharpeners and re-sharpening services only treat the tooth face.  This leaves the band blade vulnerable to premature breakage because it completely misses the microscopic stress cracks that form at the root of the tooth and in the gullet.  The Norwood Sharpener maintains the full tooth profile including the gullet. This unique action allows the stone to gently remove those microscopic stress cracks that, if left unchecked, lead to premature band blade failure.

Semi-automatic, simply turn the crank and the Norwood Sharpener will do the rest, simultaneously advancing and profiling the entire blade in only about eight minutes.

The Norwood Standard Sharpener is factory-configured to profile Norwood Goldline Premium™ 7/8”-pitch portable sawmill blades. Optional cams are available for other ¾”, ⅞” and 1” pitch blades*. Every Norwood Standard Sharpener comes complete with a 110-volt high-speed rotary-tool, and six Norwood MTW ceramic-compound stones which need no dressing or truing before use. (Item No. 41180)

* Speak with a Norwood customer service representative to confirm which sawmill band blades the optional cams will profile.

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