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Money can grow on trees!!!  If you’ve got trees, and you’re ready to make, or save, serious money, a Norwood sawmill could be the answer.

Count on Norwood for everything you’ll need to go from start to profitable finish. 

  • Harvest your valuable trees.

  • Mill your trees into profitable lumber.

We invite you to explore our website.  Check out how Norwood’s unparalleled line-up of small-scale log-felling equipment and log-skidding equipment can help you safely and easily harvest your logs. See how Norwood portable sawmills are designed, and built, to maximize your productivity and grow as your milling operation grows, and yet are so easy to use, even first-timers can be milling like old-time sawyers in no time.

Your plans, and future, are waiting.  Don’t wait any longer to make them happen. 




A sawmill product for every application

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Norwood BladeMate Pro Sharpener

Designed for continuous heavy use, the Norwood BladeMate Pro sharpener is built for custom-sawyers and anyone who mills regularly.

Norwood Band Blade Tooth-Setter

Maintain the designed-in efficiency of your Norwood band sawmill through periodic blade sharpening.

Portable Sawmill Spare Parts Kits

Keep some spares on-hand for your Norwood sawmill in the event of an emergency.

Portable Sawmill Quick-Drain Oil...

This useful tool makes changing the oil on your Norwood a breeze.

Portable Sawmill Engine...

Keep your Norwood sawmill in top condition and running optimally with regular tune-ups.

Cant Hook, Peavey, Log Carrier...

This collection of log handling tools are an absolute must to manage heavy logs.

Log Wizard Chainsaw Attachment

Prolong the life of your sawmill blades with this useful tool.

Building Material Moisture Meter

The Pocket 2-in-1 moisture meter accurately measures moisture level in two different materials.