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To make smooth cuts and prolong the life of your sawmill blades, your bands need regular tune-ups. 

The easiest, and most cost-effective, way to maintain your band blades is to invest in your own blade-optimization equipment – precisely-engineered sharpening and setting machines.

With the right equipment, tuning-up band blades is easy.  It’ll also save you money 3 ways: maximize your lumber yield and quality, extend blade life, and save you the high-prices charged by sharpening services.  And, because you’re taking charge of your own sawmill blades, you know, with absolute confidence, that they’re done right.

Norwood’s been designing and making precision-blade maintenance equipment for over 20 years. Every critical component is made with state-of-the-art CNC machines at our high-tech machining facility and zinc-dichromate-plated for years of worry-free operation.

** Only minor assembly required for all Norwood blade maintenance equipment.



pick the right sharpener for the job!

Norwood Standard Sawmill Blade...

Milling quality lumber depends on blade condition, Norwood's Standard Sharpener is designed to deliver.

Norwood BladeMate Pro Sharpener

Designed for continuous heavy use, the Norwood BladeMate Pro sharpener is built for custom-sawyers and anyone who mills regularly.

Norwood Band Blade Tooth-Setter

Maintain the designed-in efficiency of your Norwood band sawmill through periodic blade sharpening.