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Band Sawmills Africa

To pick the right Norwood band sawmill for you, start by considering what capacity and functionality you want. 

Then, customize your Norwood mill by picking the right engine and optional attachments to meet your sawing needs.  The great thing about Norwood bandmills is that you can add attachments any time, whether that is when you first get your mill, or years down the line – You’ll never outgrow your sawmill!

In fact, with the LumberPro HD36, you can even start with a manually-configured mill and, later, equip it with full hydraulic and power log handling.

Here are some of the key specifications, but it is definitely worth your time to check out each mill for a lot more information on what they can do for you:


Band Sawmill Comparison

Log Capacity (Maximum)
Board Width (Maximum)
LumberPro HD36     36” (92cm)   28” (70cm)Manual or Hydraulic
LumberMate LM29 29” (72cm)22” (55cm)Manual
LumberMan MN2626” (65cm)17” (43cm)Manual




LumberPro HD36 Portable Sawmill

This mill's appetite for massive logs up to 91cm (36”) in diameter combined with its best-in-class throat-opening of 70cm (28...

LumberMate LM29 Portable Sawmill

This mill's healthy appetite for hardwood and softwood logs up to 72 cm (29”) in diameter combined with its 55 cm (22...

LumberMan MN26 Portable Sawmill

Mill hardwood and softwood logs up to 26” (65cm) in diameter, cut boards up to 19” (49cm) wide and of unlimited length.