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Norwood - Quality-Built

When you invest in a Norwood, you can be sure it was quality-built in Canada. Every component of every Norwood sawmill is made of top-quality steel by highly-trained, highly-skilled operators with cutting-edge fabrication and machining technologies.

You might hear other companies claim the same thing, but be careful – Many package and build their mills out of parts imported from China or Taiwan.

Saw mills take a beating – They have to handle heavy logs and cut accurate lumber in tough conditions. When the chips are down, you want a band sawmill that can stand up to the challenge. Don’t trust your milling operation to an offshore import made by low-paid workers, no matter how cheap the price seems – If it can’t get the job done, it will cost you way more in the long run.

Norwood sawmills are built to cut reliably day-in and day-out to produce thousands of cubic meters (millions of board feet) of valuable lumber over their lifetimes. Simply put, every Norwood is built for the long-haul.