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Norwood - Leader in Portable Sawmill Technology

Norwood is the most innovative portable sawmill company in the world.

With over 50 patents, more than the combined total of all the sawmill companies in the world put together, Norwood is the proven global leader in portable sawmill innovation.

Norwood continues to advance the frontiers of portable sawmill innovation, focusing its research and development on technology to reduce the time it takes to mill a log into lumber.  By eliminating operator functions and increasing capacity, Norwood sawmills are dramatically more productive and profitable than any other.


The color orange as it relates to sawmills, edgers, skidders & related equipment is a registered trademark owned by Norwood Industries Inc. (“Norwood”) in multiple jurisdictions. The trade-names Norwood®, LumberPro®, LumberMate®, LumberMan®, LumberLite®, PortaMill®, SkidMate®, BladeMate®, Sabretooth® & MultiMate® are registered trademarks owned by Norwood in multiple jurisdictions.
Functional & design elements of Norwood sawmills and log handling equipment are protected by registered patents & pending patents in multiple jurisdictions.