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Money can grow on trees!!!  If you’ve got trees and you’re ready to make and save serious money, a Norwood portable sawmill is the answer.

Count on Norwood for everything you’ll need to go from start to profitable finish.

  • Harvest your valuable trees.

  • Mill your trees into profitable boards, planks and beams.

Norwood’s log-felling and log-skidding equipment will help you safely and easily harvest your trees. Then, transform your log into valuable lumber on your own Norwood portable sawmill.

Resourceful timber owners around the world look to Norwood portable sawmills to maximize the value of their forest resources.  Over 35,000 Norwood sawmills are hard at work in over 100 countries, processing millions of dollars of valuable lumber.

With over 50 patents, more than all the other sawmill companies around the world combined, Norwood is the undisputed global leader in portable sawmill technology.  The outcome of Norwood’s innovation is band sawmills that are dramatically more productive, profitable and affordable than any other, and yet are so easy to use, even first-timers can be milling like old-time sawyers in no time.

There’s nothing quite like working in the forest, working with wood and the smell of fresh-sawn lumber.  Turn your passion into profit.  Your plans and future are waiting.  Start today.


A sawmill product for every application

LumberPro HD36 Portable Sawmill

This mill's appetite for massive logs up to 91cm (36”) in diameter combined with its best-in-class throat-opening of 70cm (28...

LumberMate LM29 Portable Sawmill

This mill's healthy appetite for hardwood and softwood logs up to 72 cm (29”) in diameter combined with its 55 cm (22...

PortaMill Chainsaw Sawmill

Use your chainsaw and ladder to mill hardwood and softwood logs up to 35cm in diameter.

LumberMan MN26 Portable Sawmill

Mill hardwood and softwood logs up to 26” (65cm) in diameter, cut boards up to 19” (49cm) wide and of unlimited length.

SkidMate MK2 - Log Skidding Arch...

Pull logs out of your woodlot and right to your milling site, by yourself, with your ATV.

Log-Hog™ Log Skidding for Tractors

Skid single or multiple logs easily out of your woodlot with your tractor and the LogHog**.

TimberTool™ Tree-Felling Jack

Fell trees faster, safer and more accurately with the Norwood TimberTool tree-felling jack.

Grapples: 14 & 20 Series

The Grapples 14 and 20 are ideal not just for skidding logs, but for use when lifting logs with a loader.