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Welcome to Norwood

Welcome to Norwood Portable Sawmills!

Whether in North America, South America, Africa, Europe or Australiasia, resourceful private timber owners look to Norwood portable sawmills to maximize the value of their forest resources.  In fact, over 35,000 Norwood sawmills are hard at work in over 100 countries, processing millions of dollars of valuable lumber.  Landowners around the world choose Norwood for many important reasons – 

Norwood has earned the reputation as the brand-name you can trust – a reputation for building hard-working, reliable, productive, affordable & easy-to-use machinesInnovation – With more than 50 patents, more than all the sawmill companies around the world put together, Norwood is the proven global leader in portable sawmills innovation.

Productive – Norwood continues to advance the frontiers of portable sawmill innovation, focusing its research and development on technology to reduce the time it takes to mill a log into lumber.  By eliminating operator functions and increasing capacity, Norwood sawmills are dramatically more productive and profitable than any other.

Reliable – Every Norwood is quality-built rugged to mill lumber day-in-and-day-out with the absolute minimum of maintenance.  They are easy-to-use, easy to look after and dependable.

Affordable – Even with all the innovation, patents and superior-quality, Norwood sawmills are affordable. In fact, compared feature-for-feature, and factoring in construction and finish quality, Norwood sawmills are better value than any other sawmill on the market. 

Economical to Ship Locally and Globally – Because Norwood sawmills are packaged and shipped in compact kit-form on a single pallet, customers save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in freight costs. 

Customizable – Unique to Norwood is the concept of customizability – Owners can customize their mills with added capacity and a variety of manual, hydraulic and power functions. Often first-time sawmill owners have never sawn lumber before, or start with a limited budget. With Norwood, start for very little money and then, as your sawmilling operation grows, grow your sawmill to match.

Norwood sawmill owners around the world enjoy working directly with Norwood which services owners factory-direct thanks to its compact packaging systems and dedicated Norwood international support team.  In some markets, Norwood works in partnership with skilled distributors and dealers to better serve the unique needs of mill owners in particular regions.

Norwood also hosts a free online sawmilling forum, “Norwood Connect " that brings together sawyers from around the world to share sawmilling tips and strategies.  We invite you to join or just visit.

If you have any questions or would like a free sawmill quote, please email or call us.  Thank you for taking the time to visit Norwood here online.  Hopefully, someday soon, we’ll get a chance to chat or even meet in person!

Norwood Sawmills


The trade-names Norwood®, LumberPro®, LumberMate®, LumberMan® and MultiMate® and the color orange are registered trade-marks owned by Norwood Industries Inc.  Critical elements of Norwood sawmills and multi-purpose load-bearing apparatus for ATVs are protected by registered patents and pending patents in multiple jurisdictions.