Norwood Sawmills Automatic Dogging Assist
Norwood Sawmills Automatic Dogging Assist

Note: Two Automatic Dog Assists are shown in the photograph.

Automatic Dogging Assist (HD36)


  • One easy step for dogging
  • Handles irregular shaped logs
  • This Norwood patent streamlines dogging

Product Details

Item No. 41289

Most logs are not perfectly round or straight and therefore often have a mind of their own when rotating or clamping them. Norwood's patented Automatic Dog Assists tame those kinds of logs by automatically following the log's contours when you rotate the log, and then holding the log firmly exactly where you want it. Streamlines the typical two-handed, two-step dogging process into one smooth and easy step. Norwood is the only company that offers this convenient patented invention.

One unit per set.


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