Norwood BladeMate Pro Sharpener Norwood BladeMate Pro Sharpener
Norwood BladeMate Pro Sharpener

BladeMate Pro Sharpener


  • Extend the use of your blades by resharpening them yourself 
  • Semi-automatically sharpens entire tooth profile 
  • Produce quality lumber by maintaining a sharp band blade

Product Details

Item No. 41182

To make smooth cuts and prolong the life of your blades, your bands need regular tune-ups. The easiest, and most cost effective, way to maintain your blades is to invest in your own blade-optimization equipment—precisely-engineered sharpening and setting machines.

Designed for continuous heavy use, the Norwood BladeMate™ Pro Sharpener is built for custom-sawyers and anyone who mills regularly.

The BladeMate Pro sharpens the entire tooth profile: face, gullet and back. Equipped with an integrated 12v motor, sharpen your blades anywhere, even at your milling site. Manually-operated, the semi-automatic action means you simply turn the crank, and the grinder does the rest, precisely advancing and profiling each tooth.

Calibrated specifically to exactly profile Norwood SabreTooth 7/8”-pitch blades at 10° hook angle. Accommodates both 1 ¼” and 1 ½”- width GP blades. Precision-machined and calibrated components, and preloaded precision-bearings, minimize vibration throughout grind cycles. Sealed, dust-resistant cabinets, and industrial plating & powder-coating, protect and extend component life.

Equipped standard with a premium 120mm x 4mm vitreous aluminum-oxide grinding wheel, and sturdy tripod support legs, the BladeMate Pro sharpener comes complete with everything you need to get started.


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