The pros, the cons, and why you should consider both.

Look in your toolbox. You will probably find a selection of wrenches, pliers, hammers, and more screwdrivers than you have space for. And they each have a purpose.

The same is true for sawmills.

Portable bandmills and swing-mills offer very different benefits. But you might find that using both is more efficient than operating just one.

Many sawyers are fiercely proud of their Lucas or Peterson swing mills. And we can’t blame them. Both products are well-designed and very practical for many sawing jobs.


Here are 3 benefits to operating a swing-mill:

1. Immovable logs? Work around them.

Swing-mills are great at handling huge, immovable logs because they can be erected over the log. They tackle the mammoth timber one bite at a time.

2. Forwards or backwards, they get the job done.

Swing s

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