Norwood Sawmills Hydraulic Log Clamping System
Norwood Sawmills Hydraulic Log Clamping System

Hydraulic Log Clamping System


  • Combined hydraulic log dog and log rests
  • Secure clamping with a single lever
  • Rotates cants for you
  • Requires power hydraulic pump system

Product Details

Item No. LM34-HD-41600

Clamp logs with vise-like power with this combined hydraulic log rests and hydraulic log dog system. Raise and lower the twin log rests, simultaneously, simply by operating a single lever. Built of precision laser-cut ¾” steel, they can travel up to 12 ½” above the log deck to clamp full-size logs, and down as low as 7/8” above the log deck to mill boards within 1” of the bed. 

The four-way acting, dual-function, log dog not only gives you the dexterity, and power, to securely clamp even the biggest logs, the integrated four-way acting log dog can also be used to manipulate and turn cants. Because the log dog is not suitable for turning logs in the round, consider equipping your Pro with the hydraulic log turner to roll logs into position for the first, second and third cuts.

The hydraulic log clamping system requires the power hydraulic pump system.


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