Norwood Log Carrier (54")
Norwood Log Carrier (54")

Log Carrier (54")


  • Features strong yet lightweight aluminum handles
  • Heat-treated, zinc-plated

Product Details

Item No. LC054

Log handling tools are an absolute must to move, lift, leverage and roll logs around the sawing site and on your mill.

Sturdy two-man timber carrying tool for moving logs around the milling site. Textured rubber grips for easy, no-slip holding. Handle is 54” (135cm) long.

Norwood’s cant hook, peavey and log-carrier feature strong yet lightweight aluminum handles and heat-treated, zinc-plated hooks that grab hard. Painted Norwood Orange® for high visibility around the woodlot. These are modern, premium-quality versions of the tried, tested and true traditional tools used by generations of loggers.


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