Log Moulder LX26 Log Moulder LX26 Log Moulder LX26 Log Moulder LX26 Log Moulder LX26
Log Moulder LX26

Log Moulder LX26


  • Plane, finish or shape beams for custom work
  • Ideal for log home construction
Starting at $6,297.00

Product Details

Precisely shape and plane beams & oversized boards with maximum efficiency, right on your sawmill, with a Norwood Log Moulder LX26.
If you’re ready to take your sawing operation to the next level, the Log Moulder LX26 is an incredibly powerful addition to your milling.

Plane, finish, and shape cants and oversized boards right on your mill…

  • Precision-mould and joint for log-home construction…
  • Plane over-length lumber and full-size beams…
  • Customize porch columns, balcony & staircase posts, and more…
  • Craft unique furniture out of heavy, large dimension lumber woods

If you saw for profit, you’ll position yourself as the exclusive “go to” source for premium, finished wood products unavailable anywhere else…

If you’re an expert builder of custom homes, you’ll be recognized and sought after as the designer of unique, award-worthy showpieces…

If you’re a creative artist who takes pride in crafting fine furnishings & unique décor that are truly one-of-a-kind, you’ll find it exciting how easily you can transform ordinary into extraordinary …

If you’ve always dreamed of building a log home, you’ll discover how easily and beautifully this can now be accomplished.

Quick & Efficient: TWO Operations
Successfully Achieved on ONE Platform
Here’s How It Works…

The Log Moulder LX26 works right on your sawmill, mounting on the rails of your mill. This means you can finish your beams immediately after squaring your log, all in one smooth step, without moving your log to another machine.

Equipped with a vertically-adjustable, horizontally-configured cutter-head, the LX26 easily connects to the log deck of your sawmill, rolling smoothly along the length of the bed, exactly like the sawmill carriage.

Can the LX26 Handle It? – You Bet! Your sawmill is built specifically to handle full size logs, and the LX26 is designed to easily take full advantage of your sawmill’s muscle.

Supported by Norwood’s long history of innovation and attention to detail, the LX26 can finish boards and beams much bigger than traditional planers & moulders can.

You can depend on Norwood’s consistently high standard of excellence built into every aspect of the LX26. 

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Technical Data

Cutting Capacities
Maximum Cant Height: 23.75" (LM29 & MN26) 21" (HD36) 36”
Maximum Planing Width (2 passes): 19” (single drum) 27” (with 2nd optional drum)
Cant Height (Last board minimum)1 (Minimum distance from cutter to top of log deck): 4.75" (LM29 & MN26) 2" (HD36)
Power Plant
Gasoline Engine: 13hp (420cc) Briggs recoil-start
Weight & Dimensions
Length: 40” (102cm)
Width: 65” (165cm)
Height: 41.5” (105cm)
Weight: 450 lbs (205 kg) Approx.
Lateral distance between carriage wheels (distance between log deck rails): Variable: 31"-33½" & 40½"-43" (79cm-85 cm & 103cm - 110cm)
Drum Length: 8” (205 mm)
Drum Diameter: 4 13/16" (122 mm)
Drum Speed: 4680 RPM
Included Knives (with standard drum): 8” (205 mm) corrugated HSS planer
Lateral Adjustment (Maximum): 11” (28 cm)
Optional 2nd Drum: 8” x 4 13/16" (205 mm x 122 mm)
Knife Pattern Protrusion (Maximum): 1” (25 mm)
Moulding Depth (Maximum): 3/4” (19 mm)


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