• Grab single logs fast
  • For log skidding and lifting


Product Details

Grapples are ideal to grab single logs, fast. The scissor-action jaws of Norwood’s Grapples 14 and 20 bite hard and hold fast—the more you pull, the tighter the teeth dig into the log. 

Their twin grapple arms, separated by machined and zinc-dichromate-plated spacers and dual teeth laser-cut for maximum sharpness, deliver superior clamping stability. 

Norwood’s Grapple 14 accepts logs up to 14” (35 cm) in diameter, while the larger Grapple 20 can handle logs up to 20” (50 cm) wide. The Grapples 14 and 20 are ideal not just for skidding logs, but for use when lifting logs with a loader.

For skidding small logs up to 14” (35cm), the Mini-Grapple is an economical solution. Much narrower than the wide-jawed Grapples 14 or 20, and with only three grapple plates, it is lighter to carry and operate. Features the same sharp laser-cut teeth as the larger Grapple 14. 

Protected by Norwood’s industrial-grade powder-coating and comes in kit-form to cut your shipping costs to a minimum.

  • Grapple 14" (Item No. 41380)
  • Grapple 20" (Item No. 41382)
  • Mini-Grapple (Item No. 41380-MINI)