Norwood Sawmills Log Loading/Rolling & Ramp Package
Norwood Sawmills Log Loading/Rolling & Ramp Package

Log Loading/Rolling & Ramp Package


  • Load logs manually, without heavy lift-loaders or forklifts
  • Winch and ramp loading
  • Assists with rolling logs on log bed

Product Details

Item no. LM34-41400

A must for milling operations without access to hydraulics, heavy-lift loaders or forklifts. Load large logs onto your sawmill and hold them in place for quick dogging. Pass the winch cable over and around the log, connect it to the log deck frame and operate the winch — the log rolls up the ramps onto the bed. Also makes rolling the log on the bed a snap — speeds up squaring cants.

Package includes two loading ramps, a 2-speed 1800 lb winch, mast/boom & receiver and log rolling hook.


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