Choker chain and grapples sold separately.

LogHog Log Skidding for Tractors


  • Lifts the end of the log off the ground and secures it close to the tractor
  • Keeps your logs cleaner

Product Details

Item No. M-LH

Skid single or multiple logs easily out of your woodlot with your tractor and the Norwood LogHog™.

Like the big commercial log skidders, the LogHog lifts the end of the log off the ground and secures it close to the tractor. This keeps your logs cleaner for more efficient milling, reduces hang-ups and damage to your woodlot floor and increases maneuverability through winding forest roads.

The LogHog is quality-built in North America of heavy-gauge square tubular steel and protected with commercial-grade powder-coating for superior rust resistance. With no mechanical components to breakdown, no maintenance is required—ever! 

The LogHog is designed to fit Category 1 three-point tractor hitches. Some assembly required. (Choker chain and grapples sold separately.)

Actual load varies depending upon terrain and tractor size and type. Operation on hilly terrain not recommended.  Front-mounted counterweights recommended. Good judgment and experience required.