LumberMate LM29v2 Norwood LumberMate LM29 Portable Band Sawmill - Productive. Reliable. Affordable (1) LumberMate LM29v2 LumberMate LM29v2 LumberMate LM29v2 LumberMate LM29v2 LumberMate LM29v2
LumberMate LM29v2

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Portable Band Sawmill

LumberMate LM29v2


  • Patented Auto Locking Sawhead
  • Laminated Sawhead
  • Standard with Blade Lube System
  • Log Diameter: 29" (74cm), Board Width: 24" (61cm)
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Product Details


It’s not about one project. Or fancy woodworking. Or beautiful live-edge slabs.

It’s also about hands-on, get-the-job-done, outdoor way-of-life.

Sometimes it’s fine furniture. Sometimes cabins. Sometimes a playhouse for your kids … And sometimes it’s just about doing the job yourself – your way.

Whatever your reason, sawmilling is an adventure. It's your adventure. And the Norwood LumberMate LM29V2 will be there for you every step of the way.

Patented Sawyer-Assist Technologies

The LumberMate LM29V2 features industry-leading Sawyer-Assist™ technology, so you can process your timber with confidence.

Patented features include infinitely-variable auto-locking sawhead, EZ-blade tension for frustration-free blade changes, available auto-blade lube and rapid-dogging/rolling system.

With Sawyer-Assist, nothing can match a Norwood.

Plus, the LumberMate LM29V2 features:

Log Clamps – Dual-configuration solid-steel log clamp and twin vertical-adjust, 3-function log rests optimize clamping of sawlogs, cants and boards.

Blade Guides – Dual 1 ¼” precision-machined, hardened and zinc-dichromate plated blade-guide rollers are fitted with sealed double ball bearings. One adjustable and one fixed.

Leveling Feet – Ten micro-adjust leveling feet for ground-level stationary sawing come standard.

Best-in-Class Power

Raw power rules when you’re muscling through oversize logs and tough hardwoods. And the LumberMate LM29V2, with its available 18hp V-twin engine, beats other sawmills in its class with a displacement volume of 570cc.

Customize Your Mill, Your Way

Your sawing needs are unique, and they’ll grow over time as you take on bigger milling jobs. That’s why you can tailor your LumberMate LM29V2, just for you.

With multiple customization options, build the perfect mill for your sawmilling adventure. Amp-up your V2 anytime – now or down the road.

One thing’s for sure… you’ll be just as proud to show off your Norwood today as you will be a decade from now.

  • 13hp (389cc) Honda GC OHV recoil-start gas engine (Item No. LM29V2-0013G)
  • 13.5hp (420cc) Briggs & Stratton electric-start engine (Item No. LM29V2-0013G-E)
  • 14hp (429cc) Kohler OHV recoil-start gas engine (Item No. LM29V2-0014G)
  • 18hp (570cc) Briggs V-Twin Vanguard OHV electric-start engine (Item No. LM29V2-0018G)

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Product Features

Comfort-Height™ Operator’s Station

Standard on the LumberMate LM29V2, the convenience and comfort of the ergonomic tilt operator’s station.

Patented Auto-Locking Sawhead


  1. Patented Norwood sawhead friction-winch system delivers easy,  effortless vertical sawhead operation. Auto-sawhead locking eliminates two time-consuming operations.

Smooth Sawhead Feed


  1. Guide the sawhead through the cut with finger-tip pressure – allows you to judge the best speed for smooth cuts through knots and denser core wood.

Blade Lube System


  1. Keeps blade pitch-free in  softwoods. Delivers water directly to the blade at the point of entry into the cut.  Large custom-molded water bottle with wide-mouth filling port for easy refilling.



  1. Precision-machined, hardened and  zinc-dichromate-plated 1¼” blade-guide rollers fitted with sealed double ball-bearings. One adjustable and one fixed.

Sawdust Exhaust


  1. Sawdust exhausts on far side of mill away from you – not at your feet and in your shoes like other mills.

Industrial-Grade Powder-Coat

Like all  equipment bearing the Norwood name, the LumberMate is protected by industrial-grade powder-coat – electrostatically applied thermoset polymer cured under heat

Smooth-Action Carriage Wheels

Large CNC-machined upper carriage wheels fitted with sealed double  bearings key to smooth, effortless rolling action. Rubber under-track wheels for extra security and stability.

Rock-Solid Stability


  1. Rigid 4-post carriage frame and patented laminated sawhead construction deliver superior strength and torsional stability.

Log-Clamping System


  1. Screw-crank log-dog and  opposing dual vertical-adjust log-rests hold firm logs in the round, cants, and boards as low as 1” (2.5cm) from the bed. Micro-precision log-rest adjusting bolts guarantee perfectly  true 90-degree cuts.

Customize Your Sawmill

Customize Your Sawmill

Boost your mill’s capacity. Expand your mill’s functionality. Grow your mill’s productivity. Add attachments now or five years from now.

Technical Data

Cutting Capacities
Log Diameter: 29" (74 cm)
Board Width: 24" (61 cm)
Log Length: 12' 9" (3.8 m)
Power Selections
13hp (389cc) Honda GX OHV recoil-start gas engine
13.5hp (420cc) Briggs & Stratton electric-start engine
14hp (429cc) Kohler OHV recoil-start gas engine 
18hp (570cc) Briggs & Stratton V-Twin OHV electric-start engine
Standard Features & Attachments
Laminated Sawhead
Auto-Sawhead Lock
Manual Blade Lube System
Roller Blade Guides w/Twin-Sealed Bearings
Comfort-Height™ Adjustable Operator Station
Leveling Feet
Bed Length: 16’ (4.8 m)
Width: 5’11” (1.8 m)
Blade Length: 144”
Bandwheels: 19” x 5/8” (47.5 x 1.5 cm)
Drive: Centrifugal clutch
Set Display: 2”, 1”, ¾”, 9/8”, 6/4” standard scale
Optional Manual Functions & Attachments
Auto Blade-Lube System
Dura-Guide™ Ceramic Blade Guides
Cam Dogs
Bed Extensions - 4' (1.2m) Permanent
Trailer & Support Jack Package
Leveling Stands
Log Loader/Roller & Ramps System
Toe Boards
Carriage Cover
Rapid-Dogging & Roller System

* Under strict test conditions at the 2013 Shoot-Out, the 16hp-equipped LumberMate LM29 milled 478 board-feet/hour of yellow poplar boards (equivalent to 3912 board-feet/day). Production figures vary depending on many variables.

U.S. Patent No. 7,784,387, 8,215,216, 8,276,493 & D638,040; Canada Patent Nos. 2,488,216, 133049, 2,687,619 & 2,687,622; EU Patent Nos. 001214662-0001 & , EP 2,332,704; Brazil Patent No. DI 7001876-6; Other patents pending in multiple jurisdictions.

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