Norwood LumberPro HD36 Sawmill LumberPro HD36 Norwood LumberPro HD36 Portable Band Sawmill - Manual or Hydraulic ... It's Your Choice! Norwood LumberPro HD36 Sawmill Norwood LumberPro HD36 Sawmill Norwood LumberPro HD36 Sawmill Norwood LumberPro HD36 Sawmill Norwood LumberPro HD36 Sawmill Norwood LumberPro HD36 Sawmill
Norwood LumberPro HD36 Sawmill

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Portable Band Sawmill

LumberPro HD36


  • The only portable sawmill that can be taken from manual to hydraulic
  • Highly customizable to suit your operation
  • Made to handle heavy logs & mill accurate lumber
  • Log Diameter: 36" (92cm), Board Width: 28" (71cm)
Starting at £5,790.00

Product Details

Huge Capacity Maximizes Your Output

The Norwood LumberPro® HD36 sawmill’s appetite for massive logs up to 36” (90cm) in diameter combined with its best-in-class throat-opening of 28” (70cm) give you the power to mill virtually any hardwood or softwood tree into valuable lumber.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

The LumberPro HD36 has been aknowledge to be the strongest, the most productive, and the easiest-to-use sawmill.

Super-Duty Construction

The LumberPro’s wide-track log deck built of twin double-plated commercial-grade-steel rails is the strongest because of the way it’s formed—400-ton press-formed strengthening debossments boost rigidity and strength. What’s more, the boxed front and rear end-frames are extra-rigid structures that provide added strength and torsional stability. 

The LumberPro’s rigid 4-post carriage frame is fortified with structurally-engineered and reinforced 2” x 5” (5cm x 12.5cm) precision-extruded vertical guides, and heavy-gauge 2½” structural tubular-steel rear vertical mounts and front horizontal stabilizer bar. The LumberPro HD36’s solid 4-post frame effortlessly manages higher load inputs to mill with accuracy and control.

Ultimate Versatility – Manual to Hydraulic

The LumberPro HD36 has a broader selection of optional attachments than any other sawmill on the market. Super-productive even in its stock manual configuration, you’re free to step up its output and performance even more with yield-boosting attachments. And you’re free to choose when, and how.

Start very affordably with standard stationary LumberPro HD36. Then, build up your Pro as your milling operation grows, adding hydraulic or manual log loaders, log turner, toe boards, power feed/power setworks, etc… Add them anytime—one-at-a-time or several at once.

  • 18hp (570cc) Briggs & Stratton V-Twin OHV electric-start engine (Item No. HD36-PR018G)
  • 23hp (627cc) Briggs & Stratton V-Twin OHV electric-start engine (Item No. HD36-PR023G)

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Product Features

Industrial-Grade Dura-Guide™ Ceramic Blade Guides

Full 3-sided blade support maximizes stability in the cut. More durable than bearings & rollers, they also run cooler and virtually silent, and are less affected by sawdust build-up and freezing. They eliminate blade deflection and down-pressure and extend blade life by 40%.

Single-Action Multi-Function Operator’s Control

Activate the lever at the operator’s station and simultaneously throttle up the engine, turn on the blade lube and engage the clutch. Time-saving automated quick-cycle sawing functions boost efficiency and your production.

Auto-Lock Sawhead

Patented Norwood sawhead friction winch makes raising and lowering the sawhead effortless. Auto-sawhead locking eliminates two operator functions for fast sawing cycles and greater output.

Auto 1" Indexing

One revolution of the sawhead winch handle yields perfect 1” boards. Mill boards of any dimension or use the standard 2”, 1” and ¾” scale. Optional 9/4”, 6/4”, 5/4”, & 9/8” and metric scales also available.

Patented Norwood Laminated Sawhead Technology

Extra-rigid laminated sawhead structure with twin-reinforcing beams provide maximum strength and torsional stability for superior accuracy

International Safety Standards

Integrated safety features including full blade protection, safety-switch equipped guards and rapid blade-brake meet rigorous international safety standards.

Oversize Bandwheels

Custom industrial-size cast-iron, precision-machined and balanced. Measuring 20¼” x 7/8” (50cm x 2.2cm), the super-wide surface area delivers maximum blade support for truer cuts, minimizes cupping and extends blade life.

Centrifugal Clutch

Simple, reliable, responsive.

Worry-Free Cross-Bunks

Rigid 1/4” plate steel cross-bunk design eliminates debris build-up. Standard stainless-steel caps protect your sawmill investment and prevent damaging staining of your valuable lumber.

Extreme-Duty Log Clamping System

Dual patented quick-locking log clamping systems lock fast, and hold firm even the knottiest logs. Fast, no-fuss functions minimize log-handling time and maximize production throughput. Designed for rapid-repositioning with available extra receivers for milling different log lengths.

Rugged Over-Centre Cam Dogs

Bites firm into both logs and cants.

Patented Norwood Quick-Set Log Rests

Adjust vertically in ¾” increments and automatically lock in position. Log rest scale decals give quick visual reference of height to the blade. Top-mounted roller wheels help with log rolling. Or, activate the back-stops for small logs and cants. Lateral quick-adjust design to independently relocate the log rests well clear ofthe fixed blade guide for safe milling of irregular and knotty logs.

Laser-Straight Track

Laser-machined running surface and precision-CNC-machined upper carriage wheels deliver unparalleled milling accuracy. Carriage equipped with under-track wheels for additional stability and security.

1 1/2" Blade-Capable

The LumberPro is 1¼” and 1½” blade-capable.** It’s your choice.

Customize Your Sawmill

Customize Your Sawmill

Increase the LumberPro’s production, capacity, and efficiency by adding any of the optional manual or hydraulic commercial-capacity sawmill attachments at any time.

Technical Data

Cutting Capacities
Log Diameter: 36” (92 cm)
Board Width: 28” (71 cm)
Log Length: 13’ (3.9 m)
Power Selections
18hp (570cc) Briggs & Stratton V-Twin OHV electric-start engine
23hp (627cc) Briggs & Stratton V-Twin OHV electric-start engine
Standard Features & Attachments
Laminated Sawhead
Auto-Sawhead Lock
Auto Blade-Lube System
1 1/2" Blade Compatible
Dura-Guide™ Ceramic Blade Guides
Stainless-Steel Bunk Covers
Auto-Lock Adjustable Blade Guide
Comfort-Height™ Adjustable Operator Station
Quick-Set Log Rests
Cam Dogs
Bed Length: 16’ (4.8 m)
Width: 6’7” (2 m)
Blade Length: 167"
Bandwheels: 20 ¼” x 7/8” (50.6 x 2.2 cm)
Drive: Centrifugal Clutch
Set Display: 2”, 1”, ¾” standard scale (9/8”, 6/4”, 5/4” optional)

Hydraulic Attachments
Manual Hydraulic System
12v Power Hydraulic System
Auxiliary Gas Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Log Loaders
Hydraulic Log Turner
Hydraulic Roller Toe Boards
Hydraulic Log Clamping System
Power Feed & Power Sawhead (Up/Down)
Power Sawhead Only
Board Return
Optional Manual Attachments
Bed Extensions - 4' (1.2m) Permanent, 2' (0.6m) Detachable Quick-Click™ Indexing
Trailer & Support Jack Package Carriage Cover
Single/Lap Siding Jigs Board-Off-Rollers
Leveling Stands Rapid-Dogging & Roller System
Log Loader/Roller & Ramps System Automatic Dogging Assists
Toe Boards Log Rest Actuators

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