2020 Photo Challenge

Enter the Norwood Photo Challenge to Win!

Every year, Norwood awards thousands of dollars in prizes to Norwood sawmill owners who submit entries to Norwood’s Annual Photo & Video Challenge which takes place each fall. Read the full contest rules here.

Introduced in 2018 for our 10th anniversary, was a "Share your Norwood Adventure" category with higher value prizes. Due to the high quality of submissions in this category, we will be keeping this category as a mainstay going forward. Norwood portable sawmill owners are invited to send in photos of projects they’ve built with their Norwood equipment, as well as photos and videos of their Norwood sawmills in action, with a written story about their proudest accomplishment achieved with their Norwood sawmill. 

As a Norwood owner, you’re eligible to enter and to win! Upload photos and videos of your projects and of your Norwood portable sawmill in action. Enter in any, or all, of the following categories

  • 1. Share Your Norwood Adventure – (Submission includes a written story, photos and/or a video of your proudest Norwood accomplishment.)
  • 2. Norwood Sawmill in Action – (VIDEO)
  • 3. Homes, Cabins & Outbuildings (Interior & Exterior) – (PHOTOS)
  • 4. Furniture, Cabinets & Fine Woodworking – (PHOTOS)
  • 5. Norwood Sawmill in Action – (PHOTOS)


Submit your photos, videos and stories

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We Love to See Your Photos

Norwood sawmill owners are the most hard-working, talented, creative and resourceful group of people around.

To recognize their achievements and passion for wood, we launched the annual Norwood Photo & Video Challenge in 2008. Divided into different categories, the top three photos and videos in each class earn their Norwood owners valuable Norwood credit – credit that can be redeemed toward future purchases of any Norwood portable sawmill or forestry equipment direct from Norwood.

Please take a minute to look at the entries submitted in past contests, including the winning photos. They are an inspiring tribute to the vision, skill, craftsmanship, passion and dedication of Norwood owners.

It’s a real privilege and truly humbling to know that Norwood portable sawmills and forestry equipment play a part in the magic that Norwood owners makes with wood.

Photo Contest - 2020

2020 Photo Contest Winners

1st Place — Christopher Cash

See the winners!
Photo Contest - 2020

2019 Photo Contest Winners

1st Place — Bill Lieter

See the winners!
Photo Contest - 2020

2018 Photo Contest Winners

1st Place – Mark Case

See the winners!


Submit your photos, videos and stories

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The 2020 Norwood Photo & Video challenge officially opens July 1, 2020. All entries must be received no later than October 16, 2020. Photos must be 2 mb (2,000 kb) in file size or greater. Videos must be sent in MPEG (.mpg), AVI (.avi) or MP4 (.mp4) format. Submit all your entries to [email protected] 

Winners will be announced here on Norwood’s website and also on Norwood’s Facebook page.

So mark October 16, 2020 on your calendar and be sure to get your entries in before then! We look forward to seeing your photos, watching your videos and hearing your stories!


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