Norwood Owner Stories

Norwood sawmill owners are, by far, the most hard-working, talented, creative and resourceful group of people around. We're proud to consider them a part of our family.

Welcome to the Norwood Family

Since Norwood was founded in 1993, thousands of Norwood owners around the world have built homes, businesses, cabins, barns, furniture and countless remarkable projects.

They stand as a testament to the power of passion, vision, commitment and determination ... and we salute them. With Norwood sawmills in their capable hands, they can, and do, build anything and everything with excellence.

Norwood Owners 2 column

Homesteading in Canada's Extreme Northern Wilderness

I bet I've cut over $50,000 in lumber. I couldn't have been able to afford the lumber without the mill. A grader operator in the oil fields by day, Phil runs a Norwood LumberMan MN26 sawmill on evenings and weekends.

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Norwood Owners 2 column

Community Owned Sawmill Set to Triple Income for Remote Village

A Norwood LumberPro HD36 sawmill, acquired by Tanzania's Forest Stewardship Council has proven to be a tool for change.

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Norwood Owners Photo Challenge

It’s a real privilege and truly humbling to know that Norwood portable sawmills and forestry equipment play a part in the magic that Norwood owners makes with wood.

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