Norwood Sawmills Trekker Trailer System
Norwood Sawmills Trekker Trailer System

Trailer System - Trekker Basic Mobility (not including fenders, support jacks, or road package) (LM29, MN26)


  • Makes easy-work of moving your sawmill around your own property
  • Tow behind pickup or ATV
  • Add other towing modules later if your mobility needs change

Product Details

Item No. LM29-41150-A

A versatile towing system is available for the LumberMate LM29 and LumberMan MN26 sawmills. Makes easy-work of moving your sawmill around. 

Whether you plan on trailering around your property, or down the highway*, Trekker™ is the package to get you started. Includes the all-steel and powder-coated sub-frame structure including connecting brackets, a solid 1400 pound-rated single axle, two 12” wheels, quick-disconnect draw-bar and 2” (50mm) coupler. Accommodates standard 16-foot (4.8m) log deck.

Optional Support Modules (buy only what you need):

  • Before operating your sawmill on wheels, provide even and solid support along your log deck to the ground. Optional support jacks available (Item No. LM29-41150-C).
  • If you’re planning on towing your sawmill on public roads* to mill lumber offsite, add the road package (Item No. LM29-41150-B) to your trailer system. Includes highway running lights, wiring harness, safety chains and custom-designed powder-coated steel fenders that quick-disconnect for easy sawing.
  • Maximum total log deck length 20-feet (6m) (i.e. maximum one 4-foot (1.2) extension) recommended on trailer-equipped sawmill, particularly when operated on public roads. Add a Sub-Frame Extension Kit (Item No. LM29-41150-D) for each bed extension (Item No. ML26-41130).
  • If you’ve extended your portable sawmill’s log deck and you are also adding support jacks, you’ll need to support each bed extension with a support jack extension kit. Includes 2 adjustable jacks, mounting brackets and hardware. (Item No. LM29-41150-E)

*Verify with your local vehicle licensing bureau/highway traffic regulations authority what licensing requirements and/or operational restrictions, if any, are applicable to towing the sawmill on public roads and highways in your jurisdiction. Some European jurisdictions prohibit towing the sawmill with the optional trailer package on public roads and highways or prescribe particular rules, requirements and limitations.