Trailer System - Road package (fenders, lights & wiring harness) (LM29, MN26)


  • Tow your mill on roads and highways
  • Includes lights, wiring harness, safety chains & fender

Product Details

Item No. LLM29-41150-B

If you’re planning on towing your sawmill on public roads to mill lumber offsite, add this kit
to your trailer system. Includes highway running lights, wiring harness, safety chains and
custom-designed powder-coated steel fenders that quick-disconnect for easy sawing.

Verify with your local vehicle licensing bureau/highyway traffic regulations authority what licensing requirements and/or operational restrictions, if any, are applicable to towing the sawmill on public roads and highways in your jurisdicition. Some European jurisdictions prohibit towing the sawmill with the optional trailer package on public roads and highways or prescribe particular rules, requirements and limitations.