Congratulations to our 2018 Photo Challenge Winnners

Share Your Norwood Adventure

1st Place – Mark Case - $1000

This Norwood owner & army veteran decided to invest in his Norwood many years after beginning a second career as a contractor. A month after his sawmill was delivered, Mark was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer. Amidst his 3-day chemotherapy treatments and radiation treatments, Mark built his kiln, put up a sign at the end of his outbuilding that read “Cancer Creek Sawmill & Kiln” and despite his fatigue and weakness, in between treatments, he milled boards! The best part of Mark’s story can be summed up in this quote from his wife, Susan, who contacted us with the submission –

“So I tell you this story because of the inspiration your Norwood Sawmill gave to Mark but also to tell you the true miracle of the journey.  We went today and met with Mark's Oncologist and Radiologist and his recent brain MRI and pet scan, show no cancer in his brain and the cancer in his lung has resolved”

2nd Place – Terry Johnston and Doug Rayner - $500

These two neighbors bought their fully hydraulic Norwood LumberPro HD36 with a plan to turn lemons into lemonade …

Due to drought and pine bark beetles, pine trees in many states, including California, have been dying. Terry and Doug set out to make something useful out of the devastating losses. Their idea was to build several log cabin bunkhouses to be used as overflow bedrooms during their frequent, large extended family gatherings: a boys’ cabin, a girls’ cabin, a Grandma and Grandpa’s getaway cabin, and more.

They started by milling a hundred 4x6 timbers… and finished their girls and boys cabins, plus outhouse, only 5 months later. We look forward to seeing what comes next!

3rd Place – Sidney Williams - $300

Norwood LumberPro HD36 owner, Sidney Williams, invested in his mill to build a custom-home on a lake lot in Texas. From traditional pine lap siding and board and batten for the exterior sheathing, to floorboards and a split pine log staircase, Sidney built almost exclusively with materials that he milled himself. Even the finer details, like using end grain slices (cookies) as mounting bases for lights, were made possible with his Norwood.

Ultimately, Sidney sold his custom-home for well over what its appraised value and he is certain this better-than-expected value came from all of the unique, custom cuts he was able to produce. Since taking on his custom-home project, Sidney has continued sawing and building, including storage buildings, animal housing and even a commercial greenhouse.

4th Place- Larry Wozney - $200

Inspired by his 10-year-old granddaughter and a trip to Middle Earth, Norwood MX34 owner Larry Wozney set out to complete one of his most unique projects yet – “Addy’s Hobbit House”.

Norwood was used in almost every step of construction - the 6x6 timbers and 2x10’s for the foundation, walls and roof. Ponderosa pine was milled for the round entry doors, Jack Pine for the swing, and large poplar for the table and stools. Building into a hillside and covering with dirt & sod added an unfamiliar level of complexity, but his efforts were well worthwhile.

Larry said “After the dust settled, it was well worth it and we are handsomely repaid every time Addy comes over and casts her eyes on it.”


Norwood Sawmill in Action (video)

1st place – Kelly Rodgers - $1000

2nd place – John Hutchins  - $500

3rd place – Jim Kaiserlik - $300

Norwood Sawmill in Action (Photo)

1st place – Rod Martinell - $500

2nd place – Thomas Kent - $300

3rd place – Steve Roy- $100

Furniture, Cabinets & Fine Woodworking

1st place – David Key - $500

2nd place – Jim & Mark- JM Rustic Woodcraft  - $300

3rd place – Larry Ballard - $100


Homes, Cabins & Outbuildings

1st place – Rick Bearss - $500

2nd place – Lorne Stuckey - $300

3rd place – Sal Paccione - $100