Josh Cook

  1. 4 Unexpected Benefits of Owning Your Own Portable Sawmill


    Pretty much any sawyer out there will tell you there’s no feeling quite like owning a mill.

    For some, it is the pride in controlling the entire build, from sourcing raw materials to completing a project. For others, it is the lifelong dream of starting and growing a business.

    What everyone can agree on is the incredible feeling of unlocking potential from nearly any log. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

    Of course, if you’re reading this, you probably have your own reasons for investing in a portable sawmill.

    But here are four reasons you may not have considered yet.

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  2. 4 Reasons Why You Want to Assemble Your Own Portable Sawmill

    One of the most common questions we hear from aspiring sawyers is “Can I get a pre-assembled mill?”

    We get it… assembling a sawmill can seem like a lot to tackle. Some folks may be intimidated by assembling their own mill, while others don’t think they have the time. But there are some huge benefits to assembling your own mill.

    Here are four reasons to that will leave you wondering why you’d do it any other way!

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  3. The New Science of Harvesting Timber

    Many of us make a living from harvesting trees. We build beautiful furniture, amazing homes, and even produce timber for profit. And now we face questions about whether we’re harming the environment. 

    Rowan Reid asked himself these same questions. He then spent 30 years trying to answer them....

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