Many of us make a living from harvesting trees. We build beautiful furniture, amazing homes, and even produce timber for profit. And now we face questions about whether we’re harming the environment. 

Rowan Reid asked himself these same questions. He then spent 30 years trying to answer them. 

In his book, Heartwood: The Art and Science of Growing Trees for Conservation and Profit, Rowan challenges the idea that profitable timber harvesting is always bad for the environment. He breaks down traditional ideas, offering new insights to landholders, governments and the conservation movement.

Rowan isn't just talk. He has over 30 years' experience as a researcher, lecturer and tree farmer on his farm in Australia, where he grows 70 specialty timbers species. And if that wasn't enough, Rowan has worked with scientists, farmers and sawmillers around the world to develop his own unique farming tactics.

Some will consider Roman’s ideas innovative. Others will find them controversial. Either way, Roman is pushing the boundaries of profitable tree farming and conservation.

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