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Chainsaw Bar - SabreBar

  • 20 inch chainsaw bar specially engineered for milling lumber 
  • Superior performance & longevity 
  • Achieves straighter cuts & reduces chain travel or pinch damage
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Product Details

Item No. PM14-S120503
Item No. PM14-C120503

Norwood SabreBar premium-quality chainsaw bars are specifically engineered for milling boards and lumber. Precision-made from high-grade materials, the Norwood SabreBar achieves superior performance and longevity. Cut smoother, and straighter, reduce milling marks, and increase bar life with the Norwood SabreBar.

SabreBar features precision-squared and flame hardened rails, and a stress-relieved heel that prevents cracking and reduces vibration. The formulated cold-rolled, annealed, heat-treated, surface-ground and stress-relieved steel provides the best possible characteristics of wear resistance, strength, durability, straightness and elasticity.

Precision-ground groove to within .002″, SabreBar delivers straighter cuts. Each groove is individually centered for even rail wear and superior durability; this increases rail strength and reduces pinch damage. Tighter groove reduces sloppy chain travel. Also, when the chain rides exactly square to the rail, you get smoother and straighter cutting. Milling marks, commonly found in standard, lower-caliber, bars, are reduced or eliminated.

Bars available with dimensional specifications of C1-20-50-.375” or S1-20-50-.375”.