Norwood Sawmills Hydraulic Debarker pre-cutter Norwood Sawmills Hydraulic Debarker pre-cutter
Norwood Sawmills Hydraulic Debarker pre-cutter

Debarker (Pre-cutter)


  • Remove dirt and rocks from bark, ahead of the cut
  • Extend the amount of time between blade sharpenings 

Product Details

Item No. HD36-PDB-41700

Removing dirt and small rocks embedded in the bark ahead of the cut reduces blade dulling. This improves performance, speeds up cutting and increases time between sharpening (meaning less time and money spent on blade maintenance). Norwood’s unique debarker design mounts the 12V, 1⁄2HP motor on the sawhead platform, positioning its weight directly in line with the sawhead’s vertical up/down plane of movement. This innovative system eliminates the imbalanced forces inflicted on sawheads by traditional direct-drive debarkers where the motor’s heavy weight hangs cantilevered out in front of the blade.

The motor’s torque is remotely transmitted to the triple-stacked 5 1⁄2” carbide-tipped circular blades on the debarker head via a high-strength flexible shaft. Stackable blades permit pre-cutting up to 3/8” wide. Linearly adjustable, the debarker accommodates logs 10” (25cm) to 36” (92cm) in diameter. Quickly remove the debarker head for safe storage or transport—simply disconnect the flexi-shaft and a couple of wires. The easily accessible control box features an audible warning sound when the system is ON.


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