Norwood Sawmills Digital Scale
Norwood Sawmills Digital Scale

Digital Scale


  • Simplifies adjusting your depth-of-cut
  • Can be configured in imperial or metric

Product Details

Item No. 41297

Accurately digitally measure your depth-of-cut to within +/- .03”. Simplifies adjusting your depth-of-cut – a quick glance at the reading on the LCD display will show you the position of your blade. One input allows you to quickly switch between reading “Absolute” and “Relative” values:

  • The Absolute value shows you the distance from the top of the cross bunk (bottom of the cant) to the blade. The “Absolute” value is set once and it will never be lost. You can, however, re-adjust it if needed.
  • The Relative value shows you the displacement in real time of your blade without having to do any calculation (subtraction). To adjust the blade to the proper height for your next cut, reset the Relative value to zero and move your blade down to the desired board thickness (Note: You do have to account for kerf).

Can be configured in imperial (standard) or metric. Digital scale works on Norwood HD36, LM29, MN26, MX34 and ML26 sawmill models. Kit includes a sensor, adhesive magnet strip, adhesive magnet protection strip, LCD read-out display, brackets, two AA batteries and fasteners.

Note: Cannot be used in combination with the power feed, power sawhead or setworks systems on the HD36.


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