Earlier Norwood Sawmill Models

Earlier Model Norwood Sawmills

Norwood sawmills that went into service over 20 years ago are still going strong. So, if you’re the proud owner of a classic Norwood, you can count on it to keep milling lots of valuable lumber for you for years to come.

And you can still customize it to take on bigger milling challenges.

  • LumberMate MK1–MK4 Portable Sawmills (1992–2000)
  • LumberMate 2000 Portable Sawmills (2000–2010)
  • LumberLite LL24 Portable Sawmills (2004–2010)
  • LumberMate Pro MX34 Portable Sawmills (2010–2013) 
  • LumberLite ML26 Portable Sawmills (2010–2013) 

Bed Extensions (4-foot (1.2m) Permanent) – Extend your cutting length with one or more bed extensions.  Each 4-foot bed extension bolts permanently to the end of the bed. Additional optional log rest/log-dog assemblies sold separately. Note: Maximum of one 4-foot extension permitted in combination with the trailer-equipped LumberMate 2000 portable sawmill. (LumberMate 2000: Item No. 41130), (LumberLite LL24: Item No. LL24-EXT)(LumberMate Pro MX34: Item No. LM34-41130)(LumberLite ML26: Item No. ML26-41130)

Lap Siding & Shingle Making Package – Make shiplap siding and cedar shingles quickly and easily. With this unique sawmill jig, cut lap-siding up to 9” (22.5cm) wide, with taper widths down to a feather-edge.  Reconfigure the jigs and make cedar-shake shingles 9” (22.5cm) wide and up to 16” (40cm) long – Each pass makes two shingles.  Two jigs per set. (LumberMate MK1-MK4: Item No. 41270-MK2), (LumberMate 2000: Item No. 41270-MK2)(LumberLite LL24: Item No. 41270-MK2),  (LumberMate Pro MX34: Item No. 41270-MK2), (LumberLite ML26: Item No. 41270-MK2)

Log Loader & Log-Rotating Package – Load large logs onto your Norwood portable sawmill with ease and hold them in place for quick-dogging.  Simply pass the cable over and then under the center of the log, connect to the frame and operate the winch – The log rolls up the ramps and onto the bed.  Also, makes rotating (rolling) the log while on the bed a snap to speed up squaring cants.  Package includes two ramps complete with repositioning rollers, winch, mast/boom & receiver and log-rolling hook. (LumberMate 2000: Item No. 41400)(LumberMate Pro MX34: Item No. LM34-41400), (LumberLite ML26: Item No. ML26-41400)

Cam Dogs – Instant clamping of squared cants and boards on your LumberMate 2000 band sawmill with a quick push of the handle.  Use your standard LumberMate 2000 log dogs to clamp your log in the round, and the cam-dogs to clamp squared cants and boards.   Designed with a blunt-nose to reduce marring of your lumber.  Clamp as low as ¾” above bunk height.  Two units per set. (LumberMate 2000: Item No. CD01)

1½” Blade System – The Norwood LumberMate 2000 portable sawmill came standard with 1¼” blade guide rollers to accommodate Norwood’s 1¼” blades.  While 1¼” blades are the ideal all-purpose choice, suitable for milling both hard and softwood logs, you may want to upgrade your mill to the 1½” blade guide system and use 1½” blades if you specialize in milling large hardwoods commercially.  System includes two 1½” blade-guide rollers each equipped with two sealed bearings.  Note: Available only for V-twin-equipped LumberMate 2000. (LumberMate 2000: Item No. 41220)

Lumber Scale (9/4”, 6/4”, 5/4” & 9/8”) – The Norwood LumberMate 2000 came standard with a 2”, 1” & 3/4” depth-of-cut scale with the kerf already calculated in.  Invest in this 9/4”, 6/4”, 5/4” & 9/8” optional scale if you need to make specialty-sized lumber. (LumberMate 2000: Item No. 41460) Note: An optional metric scale decal (5cm, 4cm & 2cm) is also available. (LumberMate 2000: Item No. LM2K-DEC04)

Sawmill Carriage Cover – Protect your investment against damage from the elements.  Made from the same rugged material used for transport-truck covers, Norwood’s carriage covers are rip-resistant, rot-resistant, UV-resistant and pliable even at freezing temperatures.  Tailored to fit snuggly over the whole carriage. (LumberMate 2000: Item No. 41290)(LumberLite LL24: Item No. LL24 CC)(LumberMate Pro MX34: Item No. LM34-41290)(LumberLite ML26: Item No. ML26-41290)

Vertical Log Posts – Vertical log post system bolts directly to the LumberMate 2000’s cross-bunks and offers perfect squaring of cants.  When used alone, vertical log posts are ideal for squaring cants and small-diameter logs.  When used with the standard log posts, they provide additional support when milling large-diameter logs.  Mount units to any cross-bunk station to suit your specific milling requirements.  Set includes two 18” posts, brackets and hardware. (LumberMate 2000: Item No. LM2K-LPVK)

Log-Dog/Log-Rest Kits – Add extra log clamping stations to your log deck to provide additional support to logs of different lengths.  Each set includes a standard log dog and log rest, mounting bracketry and hardware (one log dog/rest station per kit). (LumberMate MK2-MK4: Item No. LM2K-DRKIT (Upgrade to LM2K system))(LumberMate 2000: Item No. LM2K-DRKIT)(LumberLite LL24: Item No. LL24-DRKIT)(LumberMate Pro MX34: Item No. LM34-DRKIT), (LumberLite ML26: Item No. ML26-DRKIT)

Cross Bunk Kits – Milling lumber less than 4-feet long?  Add an extra cross bunk to support short logs. Set comes complete with one cross bunk, corner brackets and hardware. (LumberMate 2000: Item No. LM2K-CBKIT)(LumberLite LL24: Item No. LL24-CBKIT)(LumberMate Pro MX34: Item No. LM34-CBKIT), (LumberLite ML26: Item No. ML26-CBKIT)

Dura-Guide™ Ceramic Blade Guides – Originally designed for the Norwood Pro, LumberMate 2000, LumberMate LM29 and LumberLite ML26 owners can now also benefit from the improved performance delivered by Norwood’s patented ceramic guides. The Dura-Guides deliver full 3-sided support to maximize stability in the cut.  The ceramics are more durable than rollers & bearings, they run cooler and virtually silent, and are less affected by sawdust build-up and freezing.  And, because they eliminate blade deflection and down-pressure, they help extend blade life. Kit includes a pair of precision-machined patented ceramic blade guide blocks and shafts, a complete set of ceramic inserts, a template and all hardware. (LumberMate 2000 & LM29; LumberLite ML26: Item No. MILL-BGCRK)

Auto-Lube Kit– Automate the blade lubrication system on your LM29. Water automatically flows when you activate the throttle, and stops when you release.  Saves two operator functions for each board you cut. (LumberMate LM29 & LumberLite ML26: Item No. MILL-WLKIT)

Norwood continues to carry a wide selection of optional attachments and accessories for earlier-model mills. If you need any of these attachments or any spare parts, just call Norwood for pricing and ordering.

To ensure that you get the right equipment for your machine, Norwood keeps detailed records of every Norwood sawmill ever built. When you call toll-free at 1-800-567-0404, a customer-service representative will cross-reference your sawmill’s serial numbers and give you personalized advice on your mill’s technical history. If you just bought your Norwood sawmill second-hand, call to register your ownership right away.

Check out the optional attachments and accessories available for your Norwood sawmill. Give us a shout at 1-800-567-0404 with any questions and when you’re ready to order.


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