HD36 Trailer/Support Jack Package (Set of 6)


  • Bring your HD36 wherever your milling takes you
  • Support jacks easily level log deck for accurate milling
  • Tow behind pickup or ATV

Product Details

Item no. LM34-41150

Tow your LumberPro from job to job on highways behind your pickup*, and through your woodlot right to your milling site behind your ATV or pickup. When you get there, quickly and solidly level the log deck with the adjustable support outriggers. Package includes single, solid axle, 3000 pound-rated, reversible leaf springs, two 5-bolt full-size 13” galvanized wheels, highway running lights and wiring harness, safety chains, 2” (50mm) coupler and 6 support jacks. Note: Maximum of one 4-foot bed extension permitted on trailer-equipped model.