Norwood Sawmills Hydraulic Roller Toe Boards
Norwood Sawmills Hydraulic Roller Toe Boards

Hydraulic Roller Toe Boards (Set of 2)


  • Compensate for taper in your log by adjusting with hydraulic roller toe boards
  • Ensure parallel cut to the grain
  • For use with a hydraulic pump system

Product Details

Item No. LM34-HD-41285

Compensate for the natural taper in your logs with toe boards. Increase lumber yield, and increase the quality of your boards, by keeping the face of your cuts parallel to the grain. This is especially important when milling for grade. Each hydraulic roller toe board is equipped with a powerful hydraulic cylinder that can lift full-size logs up to 3 1⁄2”. A pair of roller toe boards also makes repositioning logs along the mill easier thanks to rugged integrated steel rollers.

The hydraulic roller toe boards require the power hydraulic pump system.


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