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Managing for Profit: Successful Sawmill Management

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Financial Management
  • Operations Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Other Key Issues & Tools for Managers

Product Details

Managing for Profit: Successful Sawmill Management by David E. Tooch is written for the sawmill manager who wants to succeed in this difficult business.

This 208-page book is divided into five parts dealing with marketing and salesmanship, financial management, operations management, personnel management, and other key issues and tools for managers. A variety of essential topics—such as exporting, budgeting, downtime management, recruiting, and effective decision-making ensure that this book is a must for the sawmill manager who wants to succeed.

Table of Contents:

Marketing & Sales

    • Customer-Driven Marketing
    • The Marketing Process
    • Direct vs. Broker Selling
    • The Art of Persuasion
    • Exporting
    • Retailing
    • The Role of Goodwill
    • Niche Marketing
    • Market Research & Long Term Forecasting

Financial Management

    • Cost Control & the Income Statement
    • Cash Flow Management
    • The Balance Statement
    • The Budget
    • Investment Analysis
    • The Production-Grade Trade-off
    • Tax Strategies
    • Who is Your Financial Advisor?

Operations Management

    • Successful Log Buying
    • Production Practices
    • Downtime Management
    • Hardwood Grade and White Pine Grade Production Rules of Thumb
    • The Greenchain Grader
    • Inventory Management & Control

Personnel Management

    • Success Through Your Workforce
    • Recruiting Techniques & Interviewing Skills
    • Training and Communication
    • Performance Appraisals
    • Incentive and Profit Sharing Plans
    • Labor Laws

Other Key Issues & Tools for Managers

    • Time Management
    • Long-Term Planning
    • Using Outside Professional Services
    • The Value-Added Dilemma
    • Effective Decision-Making
    • There’s Strength in Numbers
    • Conducting & Managing Staff Meetings
    • Support Education & Training
    • Environmental Considerations
    • The U.S. Economy and You

208 pages (5½″ X 8½″ paperback), published by Northeastern Loggers' Association Inc., 1992.