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Norwood Sawmills Calculator Mobile App

Norwood Sawmills Calculator mobile app gives you instant estimates of the board-feet in your logs according to Doyle, Scribner & International log rules. Bonus functions calculate the volume of sawn lumber and estimate the weight of your logs.

Do you buy or sell logs and need to make quick estimates of board footage—or just want to check to see if a log buyer has his “thumbs on the scales” when he scales your lumber?

Do you find yourself fumbling for a pencil and paper to figure out how much lumber there is in a stack of 2” x 10” boards while your customer waits?

Do you need to estimate how much that 30” diameter by 12-foot long log weighs before you load it on your trailer?

The “Norwood Sawmills Calculator” mobile app for your Apple or Android phone or tablet solves all of these problems!

Norwood Sawmill Calculator Mobile App for Apple and Android Devices

Log Rules: If you are buying or selling lumber or estimating how much to bid on a custom-cutting job, the log scaling feature is quick, easy and accurate. Swipe the sliders to input the log dimensions and immediately get the answer according to all three main log rules - Doyle, Scribner and International ¼”.

Lumber Scale: To find the volume of a board, just plug the dimensions into the lumber scale function. For multiple boards, there is also a slider to input the quantity so you can quickly calculate the board-feet of a stack of sawn lumber. This is the quickest, most accurate way to tally up a job when you charge by the board-foot or to buy or sell boards.

Log Weight Calculator: The log weight calculator estimates the weight of most common species of logs. Select the species of your log, swipe the sliders to input the length and diameter and instantly have your answer.

For those who work in metric, the new mobile app also functions in cubic meters instead of board-feet.

The Norwood Sawmills Calculator Mobile App is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Norwood’s mobile app replaces calculators and antiquated paper and plastic sleeve pocket sliders. It is faster, more capable and gives you professional results and a professional image. This intuitive application does all of this for free!

The Norwood Sawmills Calculator Mobile App is available for both Android and Apple devices.


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