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Power Feed and Power Sawhead


  • Controls 5 sawhead functions from one remote while you stand by

Product Details

Item no. LM34-PSH-5000

From a single hand-held remote, direct 5 functions on your LumberPro's sawhead: set the depth of cut, control the throttle, activate the blade lube system, engage the clutch, and power the carriage through the cut…all while standing comfortably at the end of your mill. Controlled by a 3-way momentary switch on the remote, the power drive motor with chain-drive system positively powers your saw carriage along the log deck, through the cut and back. Adjust your feed rate on-the-go, thanks to the speed adjusting dial integrated right into the remote control. Speed up or slow down as you're cutting, so you get smooth boards every time. The control panel is programmed to make all your power feed transitions smooth. Stop <->Forward, Stop <-> Reverse, and Forward <-> Reverse. From the same remote, activate the dedicated 3-way momentary switch to raise and lower the sawhead.