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SabreTooth Band Blades (LM29, MN26)


  • Premium high-carbon U.S. steel 
  • Precision-ground tooth profile 
  • Tight-tolerance balanced set
  • State-of-the-art tooth hardening

Product Details

Norwood SabreTooth® band blades, made specifically for Norwood sawmills, are a premium-quality flex-back blade with induction-hardened teeth.

Made of superior high-carbon U.S. steel with precision-ground tooth profile, state-of-the-art induction tooth hardening and tight-tolerance balanced set, SabreTooth blades deliver dependable performance cutting.

Conveniently available in flat-packed boxes of 5 or 10.

Item no. BLDS-ST114X144-34-10
Item no. BLDS-ST114X144-78-07
Item no. BLDS-ST114X144-78-07-B
Item no. BLDS-ST114X144-78-10
Item no. BLDS-ST114X144-78-10-B